Monday, December 6, 2010

lazy lazy human

what did the human do today...... she slept later then usual, and sat in front of the moving picture box. she said something about watching sparkling vampires.. then corrected herself and said fairies. We caught a glimpse of huge wolves so i don't know what "Eclipse" has to do with that. She still hasn't gotten a tv we can watch clearly so we had to entertain ourselves by playing thundering herds of elephants again.  and shes planing to put up their little x-mas tree. they stopped putting up a big one after an embarrassing episode of her parents cats leaving a present of their own ona  gift.. and they didn't notice until after it was given to the intended recipient... who did notice; thankfully it didn't ruin the gift. oh the joys of cat ownership she says... we say what ownership? we rule and we own her!

eh i guess we beter be good or santaclaws wont bring us anything.

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  1. Well, gee. You guys didnt mess up the presents, so ya should get a big tree to enjoy...