Saturday, May 28, 2011

lazy Sat.

hmmmm... our human is bad, she shampood the carpet before painting...  washed some clothes then disapeared to her parents to catch up on a movie channel series on a channel she does not get. but hey... she has clean clothes and towels.

and um she had informed us that we will not be allowed on the new furnature for a while grrrrr. and that she will make sure our claws are nice and short and dull. grrrrr again.

Friday, May 27, 2011

yay! were kinda back

our mom has been neglecting to post for us for a while now mainly because of work. then she took a stay cation that will last till next Friday. and guess what..... the first two days were spent away from us!! oh the nerve!  Wednesday she had to go to the ppl doctor about a sinus infection that is clearing up nicely. then she got grocery's... did she buy us anything? ehh.... dry food. Then yesterday they had to take a trip to pick up a relative from the hospital two towns over and drop her off at her house, and on the way home guess what..... mom had been putting something off for months and months.... She bought a new electric stove, (coil burners) and a fridge. her old stove burns everything it eats, and the fridge had been making a terrible racket and does not keep food cold like it should. (thankfully its practically empty). But that's not all, she went to another store and gots a new sofa, with a matching love seat.. and a somewhat matching recliner. shes been using two plastic lawn chairs and a kitchen table for seating. the furniture comes on Tuesday, the appliances come mid June.

we are soo excited, we're gunna steal the camera and take some embarrassing photos of our living room before and after. because she needs to hurry up and paint the ceiling and get the walls primed. shell paint the walls after the furniture is in.. odd yes but she wants to get the color right. and she needs to shampoo the carpet. oh and paint the kitchen at some point to.  but as long as she shampoos the carpet and paints the ceiling 100% we think she is good.

Mom why are you laying around.... um can I join you?

Camille just suddenly decided this was her pillow.