Monday, September 27, 2010

Uh-oh ava is in soo much trouble....

hey spitty? can we trade you for Ava... here's what she did.

Our mom was busy doing housework early this morning. organising the cleaning supplies, washing and sorting laundry... with out any kitty's help or supervision. so when mom sat down to play some wii before bed....
 Ava decided she wanted to be petted and jumps in the moms lap... and starts head butting.. and blocking the tv with her floofy tail. poor mom was trying to both pet, and play. poor mom got a game over. so now Ava is in trouble because she also made mom into a pin cushion.  and shes still trying to get attention while mom is writing this post! gah!! oh and don't worry shes been pretty good about the food bowl.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

moms working hard

jeeze mom pet us once in a while... and the food bowl is getting less the 3/4th full, so what if you have walls to paint and thing to clean.. and fix....... fill that bowl us till its overfowing.. sit down and pet us!!!

our mom wasent aware she acumlated sooo much stuff so every free moment she has shes been sorting what to sell toss or donate.  shes a busy woman. so we havent and wont really be able to post or visit blog much. jst the few we have to comment on. wish us luck on her getting done fast and us not getting lost or starved in the process.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sylvester here. camping didnt happen till tonight, its just me, and im loveing it up. from inspecting the backside of the oven to decideing how to help the human paint. to checking every inch of the new bed top to bottom.... i'm haveing a busy night. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

getting ready to camp

Sylvester here, my mom is really excited. shes hopeing that sunday night, or wed night she can sleep back at her house. since she still has some work to do, its just gunna be mee and her. yay for mom time!! and i get to help her test the new bed tooo!

and Happy labor day weekend. we hope everyone stays safe and has a good time. I heard something about catnip for us :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

our mom found some eye candy

Of course featuring us. These are some old pictures she found. (she just now realised her laptop has a card reader on it. lol

Sylvester Licking his lips after a tasty drink of water. notice the anoyed glare.

This is Ava, picture was taken a few minutes ago.  she's napping on the bed. shes the medium length fur with a forever bushy tail

Here we have Camille to the left, and Sylvester to the right.  Camille has the short black fur.

and for added cuteness, heres Ava again on a catnip high

most of the pictures were taken a few months ago, our mom simply didnt have a way to upload them, these are all taken at her parents house.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

defender sylvester

I'm not sure why i got kicked off the bed yesterday... the blanket was trying to kill our mom while she slept... so i defended her.. but then a sock,, still attached got into the fight, so I defeated both. and how does she thank me? i get kicked off the bed... just wait.. the next time the blankets rise up in defiance.. I'm gunna sit back. but um until that happens I'm taking applications for litter scooper's, and can openers.. thumbs are required. besides our pressies are on there way... we just need someone to answer the door.. we can open the boxes ourselves.