Wednesday, September 22, 2010

moms working hard

jeeze mom pet us once in a while... and the food bowl is getting less the 3/4th full, so what if you have walls to paint and thing to clean.. and fix....... fill that bowl us till its overfowing.. sit down and pet us!!!

our mom wasent aware she acumlated sooo much stuff so every free moment she has shes been sorting what to sell toss or donate.  shes a busy woman. so we havent and wont really be able to post or visit blog much. jst the few we have to comment on. wish us luck on her getting done fast and us not getting lost or starved in the process.


  1. Pettin is good, but watch out for the pettin when Mom is paintin! Sometimes they have that stuff on their hands...

    "Mom was paintin
    When I wanted pettin.
    So when she petted,
    I got painted."


  2. Poor kitties! You should switch places with me for awhile. I'm not very cuddly and the Human gets frustrated that I don't want more affection. I think I'd be the purrfect kitteh for your mom right now (except for the food thing--I really need my bowl filled).