Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new years!

Happy new years!!!

Our mom chased us around the house to get our collars on, she needed the right pen to write on our name tags. she got all but Sylvester. Ava could care less. Camille fought with hers for about 10 minutes then gave up.Sylvester ran under the bed where mom couldn't get him.

oh some good news two more toys were off the cat tree when mom got home this morning. one off the very top perch and one off the top of the highest house. she tossed the toys around a bit; letting us play before setting them back up. she'll check it again before work and again before bed. and report in a day or two. She did catch Camille sleeping in the lower house but she didn't stay long. (shes gunna wash Camille's bed then put it in there)

We hope everyone has something cool planned for new years. Unfortunately our mom has to work through it. so nothing is planned with us here. she might have some sparkling grape juice on her day off. her mom plans to have pizza and a movie.

If anyone throws a party save us some nip and noms. Well try and stop buy after our mom gets off work and gets home from running errands. hope everyone stays safe and tell your parents/humans to drive safe!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

cat tree

lookies, our mom promised us wed that she would put up our tree and give us our gifts. so here we are...

hers the big box mom had to drag into the house and then into the linen closet. then back towards the door she drug it from.

 she sure missed not having he work provided box cutter, but made do with scissors. the first board on top is particleboard. she was about to send it right back but the other boards were more solid wood like.

wow look at all these parts. Camille checked them over and made sure everything was there.

oh look.. its a empty cardboard box

I think ill supervise from here

Sylvester came by check things over too

Then Camille found the smaller house and decided it was a nice supervising spot.

look at all the screws and bolts oh and the three toys. the blue bag is what they stuffed the bolts and toys in.

at this point our mom got the first and second layers on

Sylvester stayed behind mom to avoid getting whacked.

Ava kept the little xmas tree company on the other side of the room. (mom didn't get the big one up after all)

oh and look another layer is on with Camille still supervising.

Here is the finished product with Ava on the house part. and Sylvester on the floor. sadly Camille was run out of the little house. and there are two toys dangling down.

and here's the rest of our xmas presents. to go with the tree. we have three furry balls. two catnip mice, and a blinking caterpillar. there also a collar for each of us Sylvester gets the purple one, Ava gets the pink, and Camille gets the blue and pink one. We also have name tags that say "If I am out, I am lost" on the front with our name and moms number on the back. 

mom arranged the toys on the cat tree to try and get us on it.. Camille took a mouse and played with it on the floor but so far no one seems interested. we've never had a cat tree before. so we have to get used to it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a pressy!!

not to long ago we got a pressy for wining a contest Spitty held on his blog SpittySpeaks. well we got our prize yesterday but mom didn't let us have it till today.

Camille had to check it over, she said it had lots of interesting smells,

So I had to check them out too mom pulled out not one but two "land-octopi"
and also a nice handwritten card

Camille again insisted on checking out the contents

Sylvester and Camille sniffed and batted them a little bit. but the one who ended up having the most fun was........

Ava!  the rest of us are wondering if its a long/medium furred cat thing (it looks purple but its brown like spittys)

Mom put one away for later, and is waiting to see who goes nuts today. Ava was having a blast but our mom is so bad with the camera.. when she snapped a pic, or recorded video it made her blurry or she wasn't doing anything interesting. it was planned... she just doesn't know it.

in other news its warming up in the next day or too and all the snow should be gone by noon today. Also our mom had a nice scare at work. a two Ltr bottle of soda fell off the top of a pallet about 5 1/2 feet and exploded when it hit the floor.. then it rocketed down the area our mom was working in. it got soda everywhere, but thankfully not on out mom nor did the bottle hit her, but it was a big mess to clean up. it sucked for the guy who dropped it, but was funny to our mom.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A white xmas!!

we waited till today to post this since we allready had two posts in one day.

Guess what??  weve had the first white Christmas we have ever seen, and the first our mom has seen in +5 years. She was kind enough to take each of us out, she held us since we dont have harnesses. she set each of us down and took us into the snow fall. Ava was content, she enjoyed looking around. Sylvester cried and cried but was curious. Camille wanted little to do with it. we were taken back inside with no misshaps and dried off. The snow's been falling hard and heavy since before 6am cst. its a wet snow so its sticking to everything. usually we get a light dry snow. anyways her are some pictures of the snow with the new camra

the car tracks in those top two pics are a state road.

the snow never stick in the trees.. before now

and a short vidoe of the snow falling. (first attempt to upload was botched by a power blink,

 So Sylvester has decited what hes gunna do today....
Ava is under the covers and Camille is in a catbed.

We are waiting for our xmas pressys sometime later today

opsse looks like we wont get to have our present today, we got even more snow today so the roads are bad again. we are gunna stay put, while she stays with her parents... they have more human food.

Friday, December 24, 2010

what our mom got for xmas.

Our mom got to open and exchange gifts with her parents Christmas eve morning.  She celebrated right after she got home from work. (her day at work was busy and stressfull but she stayed ina  good mood... she had a platefull of goodies for her first break and her lunch) And also she didnt want to wake up early on a day off.

Anyways she scored double. She usually gets only one pricy gift, and then a couple of cheap items like candy stocking stuffers. but becouse her mom was worried about the main gift not shipping on time, she got a second gift that was a bit pricy.

Our mom got both. She got a soda club. A household contraption that allows you to easily carbonate tap water and then add flavors if you so desire. the contraption itself is grey and red. she got two  1 ltr bottles that work with the unit., two co2 canisters; adds the bubbly. and a sample pack of 12 flavors, each flavor is good for only 1 bottle. and 6 regular sized assorted flavor bottles good for several bottle fulls. (our mom didn't know about this so she stocked up on some mountain dew 2 ltrs...We think there is no danger of her having caffeine withdraws.)

That was her main gift. She also got a Sony powershot Sorry its actually a Cyber-shot. (edited 12/25 3:43 am). Remember when she complained about her camera acting funny? not only was the old one taking funky pictures but the battery compartment door was broken, she had to hold it shut. Her dad  is the one that suggested a new camera. So that saved her the trouble. the new one hads a rechargable battery. and she promises npot to loose the cd or wires that came with it this time.

Shes gunna check it out. She said our gifts will be given the day after Christmas.  she wants to spend some time with her parents and relatives. and now she can take pictures and post them!!


Merry Christmas And Happy New Year
From Ava, Camille, Sylvester, and Darcy.

May you be safe, warm and happy for the Holidays.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Escape to the laptop!

Sylvester here. we managed to get to the computer allthough we suspect little blogging till after the holidays. but guess what.... we might get a white xmas this year??!?!?! that is like unheard of so we are keeping our paws crossed. that and.. um does anyone know how to get a human off a sugar high?? her parents got lotsa goodies. and i think we need to hold her back.. shes starting to act like a sticky little kid in a candy store on christmas........  what will we ever do with her...... I know... were gunna hide her xmas gift when if comes... Her mom ordered it like almost two weeks ago... it still hasent arived. knowing her mom there will be... Hades to pay if it got lost. We figured out where our gifts werehiden we can smellthe catnip but we cant actually reach them.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

catsmas week

well our mom says we have about a week.. that's 6 days right? till xmas.Shes gunna have ours on xmas eve morning. since xmas day at night she will be locked into their workplace with about 15 to 20 other people.  She does not like working on that day but enjoys working in a closed store (the store is open 24 hours a day 364 days a year.

Anyways she says we wont be able to post like we want to. shes got a lot to do. Shes gotta make sure the guest room is good and plans to shampoo the carpet again. she got stuff to move and things to wrap today and tomorrow morning. shes got her parents tree up, but not ours.

shes got work for two days (mon and Tuesday) then wed off to finish up everything. work on Thursday, off on Friday, and work on Saturday, off on Sunday. its gunna be a weird week. she wished her days off could be together, but no one paid attention to the schedule and she was scheduled with everyone else to work on xmas eve (they fixed it of course). and its not helping shes getting out of work after around 8am instead of 7 like she should.

We'll post so late pictures we promised; and our xmas pictures. she plans to spend the holidays with her parents, then with us. and at some point more family.

we are just gunna spend the week bugging her, and trying to sniff out where she hid our xmas gifts. shes telling us all we got are collars, and that the cat tree is really just some human furnature.. but we saw cats on that picture!! and we saw the words cat.. and tree... i thinks she is lieing

Thursday, December 16, 2010

run mom run!

During the last post I (Sylvester) was running from and chaising Camille in a all out fight for my life. Well I saw mom running too. As you know shes been sorting and packing stuff from her parents to her house. well On her way back home after loading the metal machine up with stuff she stoped to get the mail. when she did the wind caught this little card and away it flew into the neibhors yard. she hesitated then ran after it. Then she realised it was for a package she didnt notice she had on the front porch. (we had tried to wake her for it) She opened it thinking it was one of our  xmas gifts even though she says she got everything allready. It was a sample of some ziplock products from  website that mostly has cuopons. One of those be the first XXXX to respond to get a free care package. sadly its nothing we can do anything with. but she has some kitchen supplys now. We just like the little box it came in.  still is was funny watching her chaise the paper. good thing it didnt fly into the street.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

yay.. just um.. how many days till xmas again?

in reply to our last posts comments.

hey don't worry Ayla and Iza, thanks for that link. our mom will prolly take a gazillion hours just to assemble it... it was hilarious to watch her take a computer desk apart. ohh new visitor! hie!. and Spitty our mom watches to many Action movies with her mom. don't know if we should be proud or embarrassed.  shes weird.

Anyways the snow melted again; well mostly. looks like another freeze coming in a day or two. Ava is trying to smoother herself under the covers and I Sylvester am trying to kill Camille before she gets me,, at the moment I think I have lost her.

or maybe not... next time kitties I gotta run.. literally!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hmmmm snow again

we just got back from visiting furfriends blogs and just had to tell on our mom. but first. we have to state that our moms digital camera has died. she took pictures of the snow at night. but when she tried to take them during the daytime both in and out of the house the camera put funny lines in the pictures that should not be there. she says its done it before so shes gunna have to hold a funeral for it and bury it in the closet with the other outdated or half working electronics.

We got more snow, but it was short lived. Our mm says she did some xmas and grocery shopping and for our tattletale..... almost fell on her butt in the parking lot at work. if she didn't have a buggy she would have fallen.

We also had fun watching her lug in a really big and heavy looking box from outside the door. then she drug it into the linen closet and wont even let us sniff it.. we saw a picture on the box and a similar but not the same picture on marks mews. the box was covered by plastic for protection against the snow so we could not see the picture to clearly. our mom just says we will have to wait....

grrr why wait?!?!?! she's all ready playing with her Nintendo DS lite (testing it she says) and that was supposed to be her xmas gift to herself!. so why do we have to wait? huh? huh?

um does anyone know of a cheap but decent camra brand/type she could look into?

Monday, December 13, 2010

news flash... its snowing again.

First sticking snowfall of the winter. Our mom was off last night so she didn't get a chance to car skate. if you live up north your Polly used to snow. but where we live we hardly ever see it and its gone when the sun hits it. we posted earlier about snow but none sticking.. well it kept snowing and it stuck. these are from her parents house shes packing again.

this is some of the sidewalk leading from the house to the road.
 the jeep is across the street in the neighbors driveway. the specks are snow falling.

 straight sidewalk view

 looking up from the front porch to see the snowfall and part of a tree

the side road, this road is a state road so it gets salted, unlike the first road pictured.

moms metal machine sitting next to her moms, her dads is in the back with a old backup car.

there you go. may not look like much but its snow and it stuck!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

it snowed!!!

we had our first snowfall this morning. it rained all night, stoped then snowed after the sun came up. our mom said it was really nice seeing it on the drive home, but by the time she ot her grocerys in and found the camra it suddenly stoped and all the snow was melted becouse so little stuck. usually it snows at night then quickly melts within an hour or two of the sun comeing up. it was really pretty but not enough to make a even a little snowball.  we had fun watching from the windows. and we got a peak at some of our xmas stuff..... she got us collars.. of the horror thats like a sticky kid getting a toothbrush. what is wrong with our mom.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

must behave

Must behave must behave..... yeah I'm not feeling it *Sylvester chaises Camille all over the house in a full fledged thundering herds of wrassiling elephants game.. with some hissing and loud meowing included*

we noticed several pl 's moms and dads have been good with the Christmas decor... but some haven't.. our mom is with the last group. we don't have a tree up, and neither does her parents. we were supposed to get the big tree while the parents did the small tree. but our mom just isn't feeling it. She cough a cold or its just sinuses and has been told she cant miss anymore if she wants to keep working; even though she has stayed within the allocated amount.from the way that works she cant miss a day for 6 months. she used to never miss work but she was happy with her job, and not so much now (and from what she tells us, we don't like it either). and shes let us miss out on the blogging gift exchange.

but she did say that if we are good we do get our  presents. and that she made up for last year.

but with some prodding and nagging.. she will have the trees up in time for xmas.

and sadly she didn't agree to us putting a big net on top of her metal machine to catch birds... oh well.

Friday, December 10, 2010

mom was bird hunting??!!??

um.. okay.. we as cats don't know if we should be proud.. or upset..

Mom went night hunting for green papers as usual. and she said on her way back she killed a bird..
she says it was an accident that there was no way to avoid it; that it darted and basically dive bombed into her path from nowhere...
so we are happy our mom took the opportunity to catch a bird..
but she didn't eat it..
or bring it home so we could play with it. 

She says it didn't count because it wasn't her..
 it was the scary red metal machine that got it. 

what are we going to do....
 if something happened to our crunchy and stinky goodness how would we ever stay fed if our human mom isn't a good hunter and doesn't bring the food home after she kills it. we certainly aren't going to go outside and catch birds and mice for her, she wont eat the dead bugs we give her on occasion.

Maybe we should bring more spiders to her pillow while she sleeps...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

its sooo cold.. must warm up....

We hope all you kitties and goggies are staying warm. we are having issues.. it's actually 25F right now. our mom is still cold.  and the house is colder then we like. so we are all snuggled on the bed not together but with mom. and hopeing soon she gets out the electric blanket... or maybe buys a new matriss warmer. wed be more then happy to let her accidently leave it on when she gets up.

Monday, December 6, 2010

lazy lazy human

what did the human do today...... she slept later then usual, and sat in front of the moving picture box. she said something about watching sparkling vampires.. then corrected herself and said fairies. We caught a glimpse of huge wolves so i don't know what "Eclipse" has to do with that. She still hasn't gotten a tv we can watch clearly so we had to entertain ourselves by playing thundering herds of elephants again.  and shes planing to put up their little x-mas tree. they stopped putting up a big one after an embarrassing episode of her parents cats leaving a present of their own ona  gift.. and they didn't notice until after it was given to the intended recipient... who did notice; thankfully it didn't ruin the gift. oh the joys of cat ownership she says... we say what ownership? we rule and we own her!

eh i guess we beter be good or santaclaws wont bring us anything.