Monday, February 22, 2010

Moms birthday is today!

we wanna thank the ppl that have wished her a happy b-day both here and on facebook. she enjoyed it, played some games, watched seevral eppisodes of Bleach, gave us pettings and cant forget the cake, a friend at work made it for her and while it looked a little funny (all the iceing kinda melted down between the sides of the pan and the cake) it tasted great! welll.. okay thats what she said... try as i might she wouldnt share with any of us :(.   once again she says thank you!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

mommies b-day is tomorrow!

yay!! our mom's birthday is tomorrow, we really dont know what were gunna do but shes off tonight and celebrated this morning; though the official day is the 22nd. im thinking of snuggling with her and helping her set up the ipod clock/radio dock she got, its called the sony  "dream machine" so lets hope it works like a dream. and i think i might play in the box later tooo :) Camille will be so mad if i do. hehehe 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

im loveving the lap time

Ava here, Ive been enjoying my human all night long, she decited to play Star trek online, a new mmog that came out to take a break from her usual gameing, and well.. she got so into it she didnt notice i was in her lap at all. im sneaky like that! and i loved it! she snuggled me a few times and gave me a good brushing when she took a break.. i was soooo happy. Im glad i have a furever home with her :P now if i can just run my fursiblings off things would be even better :P