Monday, June 29, 2009

Make it go away!!!!

Ah monday was horrible!! we had to entertain ourselves since the human was away. but we managed to rearange some knicknacks made her so mad :P

Sunday, June 28, 2009

lazy Sunday

Its been a lazy sunday of sleep and play. The human left for a few hours but was right back. We kept the bed warm for her. We also heard her say something about finding the camra.. and then a few choice words becouse its been packed up with her mate. opseee I hope she gets it back. untill then she is gunna borrow her moms. we will have pictures soon =^.^= Sylvester & Camile

Friday, June 26, 2009

uh oh... did to good a job last night

Apparenly our human decited to leave us all by ourselves. heh. something about cleaning and checking on Ava (shes to cranky to be in a small space with two other cats.) well we ended up spending the night by ourselves as the human spent the night with Ava. ( I Sylvester Expresed my joy and thanks by depositing half digested food on her favorite blanket on the bed). Camile seemed indiffrent but was happy to see her. Ava was really happy and from what the human is saying was a really nice teddy bear and stayed underfoot the entire time and helped out with the cleaning. Since Camile and I played all night last night we are both happy to sleep at night for once and have happy dreams of catnip and mousys.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weee we's found a way to keep the human up.

hehehehe boing boing boing...
last two nights we've been demanding attention from the human by bouncing on and off the bed.... especially since shes laying on it we have a fort to hide behind hehehehe.

Its fun when shes not there too; more room for the toys to hide under the covers. And tag is all ways fun especially in the middle of the night.... but I don't understand why the human gets so grumpy when we do.... its not like we are trying to sleep :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick hide the laptop

Oh Hai..... were not typing cats... Really... um honest.. mrrow.....umppppuurrr.
Okay okay.... we stole the laptop while our human is out earning our food and cat toys like the good little slav- err caretaker... she is.

I'd like to introduce myself. my name is Sylvester,, and I'm a black and white tux with short fur. I'm about 3 years old and Ive been with my human since i was 3 months old. sharing my human are 2 others; Camile and Ava both adopted from the local shelter at the same time... and they are both black. Camile is the youngest and has short hair with a few stray white hairs. and Ava is almost a year old with long fur and reddish tints (she was a momma before they spayed here so shes a bit cranky towards us).

Right now we are between homes. Our human is having some issues with her mate so were at her parents place. We did have a forth member of the family but hes staying with the other, hopefully we will get to see them both soon.

anyways once we figure out how to work our umans camera we will post pictures of each other. until then... the litter box needs to be dirtied and we have a bug to catch if it ever comes off the ceiling.