Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick hide the laptop

Oh Hai..... were not typing cats... Really... um honest.. mrrow.....umppppuurrr.
Okay okay.... we stole the laptop while our human is out earning our food and cat toys like the good little slav- err caretaker... she is.

I'd like to introduce myself. my name is Sylvester,, and I'm a black and white tux with short fur. I'm about 3 years old and Ive been with my human since i was 3 months old. sharing my human are 2 others; Camile and Ava both adopted from the local shelter at the same time... and they are both black. Camile is the youngest and has short hair with a few stray white hairs. and Ava is almost a year old with long fur and reddish tints (she was a momma before they spayed here so shes a bit cranky towards us).

Right now we are between homes. Our human is having some issues with her mate so were at her parents place. We did have a forth member of the family but hes staying with the other, hopefully we will get to see them both soon.

anyways once we figure out how to work our umans camera we will post pictures of each other. until then... the litter box needs to be dirtied and we have a bug to catch if it ever comes off the ceiling.

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