Friday, June 26, 2009

uh oh... did to good a job last night

Apparenly our human decited to leave us all by ourselves. heh. something about cleaning and checking on Ava (shes to cranky to be in a small space with two other cats.) well we ended up spending the night by ourselves as the human spent the night with Ava. ( I Sylvester Expresed my joy and thanks by depositing half digested food on her favorite blanket on the bed). Camile seemed indiffrent but was happy to see her. Ava was really happy and from what the human is saying was a really nice teddy bear and stayed underfoot the entire time and helped out with the cleaning. Since Camile and I played all night last night we are both happy to sleep at night for once and have happy dreams of catnip and mousys.

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  1. love your blog...especially the pink theme!!!