Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wet and rainy

not much going on here,  its been wet and raining for like two weeks now.. and cool, in the low 50's F. Just when mom thought she could switch to the AC.... she woke up freezing and turned the heat on. its been on ever since.

Ava has been logging more under the blanket time.  while the rest of us have been hogging the windows hoping for a little sunlight and some warm sunbeams.

oh and mom... you need to mow again.... and you might wanna use some textered pain on the frount steps... maybe then you wouldnt have sliped and fell (she had set some bags on the porch and was heading for more before comeing in)  on your butt so hard you screamed on the way down; and then cried like a baby... yeah.. we heard and saw. we had been sitting in the windows waiting for you to come home. and no... we will not feel sorry for you no mater how badly you are brusied or limping. we dont pay the bills so suck it up.. oh and we are outa dried catnip... and Camille got a couple of toys stuck under the stove; you need to get those out.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

sending purs to Japan.

we are sending purrs to everyone in japan and those who have loved ones over there. we are purring for humans and critters. so many bad things have been happening that we have no control or warning for.  our mom has a special respect for that country and its ppl. we all have a sad.

Monday, March 7, 2011

EPPPPP wasp!!!!

Get it mom GET It!!111  *smack, thud* AHHHh!!!!

mom.. you scream like a girl... oh wait..

sadly mom was to busy trying to kill and run then to take pictures. she came home this morning to find a huge red wasp flying around the living room with three kittys intently watching and trying to get to it. so she ran around screaming with a fly swatter and finally got it and tossed it outside. it was fun entertainemnt. none of us got stung that she can tell. and she wasent stung either. shes been checking to make sure more didnt get inside. and so far so good. Just us and a ladybug or two.

We had a nice warm spell up untill sat, anouther rain system came through and brought temps down all over. She figures the wasp came out for the warm air.. then got cold and found a way into our warmer house. (yup we still have heat on)

things are going good.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

just anouther day.

our mom says thank you for the birhtday wishes. She had her cake late at night, and got a jewelry box. she is still being picky on the "coolbox" she wants and she needs a new "hotbox" the coolbox is her true bday gift.

We have been behaving. or the most part. and we apologise for her lack of helping us post but also comment, but we still visit your blogs. Shes been getting stuff out of storage and helping with spring cleaning her parents house.

She randomly spends the night at her parents house and brings me. Sylvester with her. Monday morning she was gunna pack me up in the ptu so I could help with the spring cleaning. but... I ran and hid. there was no way I was gunna take a ride in the metal monster of my free will. so she left me. then we had a thunderstorm with rain and wind, even spurred three tornadoes well north of us. we watched the rain going sideways across the windows and watched leaves and tree limbs fly though the air.. then after the wind we had thunder so we all hid.

Tuesday morning she came back and caught me off guard, so I ended up in the ptu. I didn't mind I was happy to see my mom and even curled up in her lap. Im not the lap cat.

maybe when things get settled down she will help us more.