Monday, March 7, 2011

EPPPPP wasp!!!!

Get it mom GET It!!111  *smack, thud* AHHHh!!!!

mom.. you scream like a girl... oh wait..

sadly mom was to busy trying to kill and run then to take pictures. she came home this morning to find a huge red wasp flying around the living room with three kittys intently watching and trying to get to it. so she ran around screaming with a fly swatter and finally got it and tossed it outside. it was fun entertainemnt. none of us got stung that she can tell. and she wasent stung either. shes been checking to make sure more didnt get inside. and so far so good. Just us and a ladybug or two.

We had a nice warm spell up untill sat, anouther rain system came through and brought temps down all over. She figures the wasp came out for the warm air.. then got cold and found a way into our warmer house. (yup we still have heat on)

things are going good.


  1. What a fun thing to watch...maybe we can get a wasp in our house!


  2. We sometimes get those in here too. The Big Thing has bad childhood memories of wasps an hornets, so he goes all berserker. Its fun ta watch. Like the time one settled onna light bulb an he sprayed it. POP!

    Then he chased us inna the garage and turned on fans an opened doors til he couldnt smell insect spray annymore...