Friday, August 28, 2009

time flys

sylvester here, we havent posted in a few days since our mom has been haveing a rough time lately, first she started disapearing at night and doent come back till well after daybreak, then she stayed home, sleeping day and night and coughing and sneezing with a bucket by her bed..... why she needed the bucket i dont know.. we all do just fine without one. Something about the flu, hopefully its not the swine flu i keep hearing about but then.... arent pigs only good for eating? she never goes near live pigs so how she could catch their flu is a mystery. but shes only been sick for about 4 days now, i heard something about her haveing to go back to work tonight or risk us looseing our toy supplier. so we will be nice. we;ve all kept a close ye on her and weve made sure she doesnt hide under the bed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

we must find out what paint is.....

Hiya Sylvester here, Camile and Ava are busy hogging the bed with the human, or my mom so to speak. She disappeared on us earlier in the day but not dressed for work, she did this the day before last as well. However tonight after she got back she tried to snuggle us a bit to hard, seems she gave herself a headache from painting at her house. Its up for sale so shes been trying to make it look nicer. However she didn't plan on the paint fume "high" guess that's what she gets for not opening a window, something about tapeing it shut.. heh. silly human.

Thhings are same ole same ole with us kitties, eat, sleep, use the litter box, wreak havoc in the middle of the night. etc. Oh and mom let her parents cats play with Camile's fav toy. a ball track chaser thingy... i don't get the point the ball just goes in a circle.. forever trapped to spin around. but Camile likes it.. i guess shes easy to amuse. Anyways these other cats get to "rent" it for the night, I hear they started playing immediately. Alex the goofball scooted it across the living room floor. but then he found a fly to chaise. oh well us Kitty's have easily distracted one track minds.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sylvetser Here, I'm a good bug hunter, my mom had a tick on her pant leg from yard work earlier in the day, i let her know about the little hitchhiker. she gave me treats after she killed it and told me how good I was :)