Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

 Hope yo have a happy Halloween. We've got plenty of treats for evfurbody!

Friday, October 29, 2010

um.. thank you kitty indian giver....

The mom here, you know the saying "dont be an indian giver" in otherwords dont ask for something back you gave as a gift to someone.

Aparently I need to do a better job of teaching Sylvester.

I am sitting here like right now on the bed surfing the web. 5 minutes ago Sylvester jumped on the bed and started stareing at me... Low and behold.. he found a plastic straw.... i guess hes played with it for a while.  and he keeps dropping it by me.. but as soon as i reach to pick it up, he smacks my hand, grabs the straw and runs off with it. A minute later.. hes right back with it. hes a wierd kitty. but good at fetch.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

musical bed?

I Sylvester am almost always on my bed trying hard to kick my mom over so i have more space.. sometimes im nice and lay on top of her, and other times I snuggle next to her and let her treat me like a teddy bear.

Ava and Camille are a bit tricky... Camille sleeps in her high rise or her own bed most of the time, while only getting on the bed long enough to sleep at the foot, or get pettings.

Ava has been playing musical beds. Several nights at a time she slept on the bed opposite of me, and shes slept at the foot and under the covers. She also sleeps on a computer chair.. but now shes found a nice pile of clean, well now dirty clothes. she by far is the most.. um.. undecided when it comes the sleeping spots. shes always finding some other knock or cranny.. or space she should not be in to sleep.

sad part is... our mom lets her.

oh and that happy dance was triggered by something almost as good as free money... the joys of having extra cash AFTER paying off a loan. we are just waiting for her to go baby her car.(when the weather improves) and when she does we are leaving some um... special presents on the bed. yeah..... just to make sure she knows who the real babies are!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy dance

huh. mom got home from work as usual.... Ava was all happy to see her and doing the hyper dance. mom played with some papers she got outta the box in the front yard... and suddenly she started doing the happy dance with Ava's Hyper dance.

I watched in shame from a distance,, Ava thought it was fun.. and Camille..was next to me. We are not sure what triggered this bout of insanity... but she did mention something about a new couch and tv after the new year? it'd be cool if we had a couch..... we don't own one at all. but the dinning table chairs make an interesting couch? errr maybe not.  oh well.

oooooOOOoooo time for our snuggles gtg!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

belly rubs?

How do you react to belly rubs from your human?

Sylvester stretches out into a upside down j then looks at human upside down. when satisfied either massages humans belly in return or stretches out on side then naps.

Camille, likes to rub her head on what ever surface shes on and does a squiggly worm movement with her body but staying belly up. does a head butt when satisfied.

Ava unless sound asleep and belly up.... *hiss spit, hiss grrrr, grrr runs*

oh and our human seems better now

Friday, October 22, 2010

cats can tell when your sick

the mom here. while i tend to get sick with sinus allergy's that's about the extent of what i catch. however last night when i got up to to to work, i felt soo weak i could barely manage to get down stairs to the kitchen (at my parents house) so of course my mom started poking to check my blood sugar which was fine and my blood pressure with was abnormally low and i appeared severely dehydrated.. while shes doing that I'm breaking out into a cold sweat.
Shadow my moms cat who tends to have nothing to do with me, had plopped herself on the table by my head and was licking on my arm. i gave her a belly rub and instead of leaving she started purring. once i got to feeling better i moved to the couch where Shadow kept me company as well, least till i started feeling somewhat normal.
when i moved back to my room after lotsa water and some food, i dosed off, every time i woke up i had all three of my kitties in the bed with me. Ava on my right side as a ball, Sylvester to the left and all stretched out so i could cuddle him. and Camille who normally only gets on the bed for scritches was beside my head lightly curled.

they kept watch over me and made me feel secure... I must admit.. i cant sleep unless I have at least one cat in the bed with me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ava is a wierdo.

On our moms days off from work, she likes to sleep in. Well Ava decited to sleep near her face. and for some reason Ava was both Snoreing and purring, It was really wierd sounding.. sadly it was right in moms ear. so much for sleeping late. but we all got good scritches anyways.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

thank you all

thanks for the purrs sent over for our moms friend and dad.  her friend is still in rough shape so send purrs when you think of it, shes got a long road of healing. as for our moms dad, we just found out that tests came back okay....... aparently his gallblatter is fine. they told him to lay off the asprin; they think its eating his stomach up. so for him the purrs worked :) thank you.

lets seee, our mom had very interesting smells on her shoes and pant legs. Aparently she locked herself outa the house, and had her cell locked in her car. she walked a mile on the side of the road to her parents house, woke them up for a ride back to her house with a key. her dad was anoyed but not mad, hes nice. he got to borrow his wifes car hehe, but his car was found to have a flat with a nail sticking outa the top. wierd.

And we are a little concered, our moms been comeing home from work mad or upset... and i think last night was the last straw, shes spoken to us about her changing her jobs, and i think she was putting in applications earlier. one is a place her friend loves working, We like the idea, its not like we will see her anymore or less, but she says she'll get more green papers so more toys and treats for both us and her... and when our mom is happy, we are happy :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

update and anouther person.

lets seee mom almost killed Ava, because as mom was sitting in her chair playing her game (Assassins Creed II) Ava jumped and hung off moms back by her claws.  mom screamed.. and well Ava isn't allowed in the bed tonight.

Moms friend is still in rough shape, however its been cleared up that she has the two broken bones, with no other fractures, and they are keepimg an eye on any possible internal injuries. internal bleeding was stop'd and shes had a large blood transfusion. she seems to be in stable condition.

We needs some prayers and purrs for our moms dad as well. he went to the doctor today, and will again tomorrow. they are trying to find out why hes having abdominal pain and think its his gallbladder. so hopefully they can figure out whats up and treat it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

need some purr power for a human friend.

Our moms been having a worry some day. she went to work as usual. minus it being busier then normal. and found out on her lunch that a good friend was in a bad car accident yesterday morning. Our mom feels kinda bad because when they worked together this lady (her name in Ginger) was always fun to talk to, and was a great listener and advice giver, she played matchmaker, then after our moms divorce she was a good councilor during and after. but because they no longer work together they hadn't been able to see each other but maybe once a month.

Anyways shes in pretty bad shape, the wreak was caused by a dump truck, and were are not sure but may have involved a third vehicle. but our friend Ginger (yup she used to visit us kitties too) has a few broken bones (hip, femur, and some fractures), and bad bumps and bruises. and severe blood loss. None of which is good because shes got a lot of health problems that can slow the healing process.  it totaled her car, and we've heard her seat-belt saved her life, otherwise she would have died. shes been in ICU for about two days now.

so if you would please purr and pray for our good friend Ginger that she can make a full recovery. and we will keep you updated.

Monday, October 11, 2010

helping to straighten.

well moms at it again, when shes not playing her video game, shes unpacking. we all helped by jumping around on the boxes in the room were not allowed in. we had fun till Camille jumped on a box and made it fall..... thank goodness it didnt fall on one of us.. or our mom. she shoes us back out  when she was finished.  she also wont let us visit blogs till wed :(

Saturday, October 9, 2010

opse sorry mom.

Ava is again bugging the mom, shes picked up a game shes had, and is trying to finish it before the sequil comes out. and well she needs to be all stealthy in it, and climb buildings and such. Ava decited to get right back in her face and stratigicly block the tv screen. caused mom to get two end games. she was not happy at all. but well ava and the rest of us did get our attenchen.  so now we are gunna be nice and snuggle with her calmly.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cats are cheaper then we want them to be.

The mom sitting here, watching streamed videos online. Sylvester and camille are asleep. but Ava? with the others um preocupied she can pick any toy ball or mouse she wants, even the ring chaiser thing is free. but nooo. she has to kill the blanket im under, then diligently whack the bottle cap for the soda im sipping on, off the night stand and halfway across the room in a frantic play sesion. but nooo thats not enough.... she has to knock it under the dresser........ Oh why!!!!

and to make things worse.... sylvester has been ignoring new toys to kill the cardboard tube from the new bathmat. thank goodness they allready got tired of the boxes. or maybe I took them away to soon.'

cats are cheap, they dont know the meaning or propper spoilage unless its in the form of food.

Monday, October 4, 2010

memo to the human.

Dear mom,

please turn the heat down... we are well aware its getting cold outside and colder at night. and that unlike us beu.. beati... pretty kitties. you do not have the warmth of a full furr coat.. but please.... turn the heat down some... we are starting to roast. and poor Ava has extra fur. cant you find some more blankets.. or get your own fur?

Your somewhat loving, but not content kitties;

Sylvester, Camille, and Ava

P.S we'd turn it down ourselves but we cant reach the controller-thingy. and we need fresh crunches.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Live strong

We are joining this movement because our human has lost both a family member and a kitty to cancer.

Our mom lost one of her close aunts a couple of years ago due to complications with a bacteria infection inside a tumor. the tumor was removed with permanent debilitating results but the infection remained and then took over that infection spread as bad as cancer.

And last is for a kitty that came before us, she scummed to mammary cancer, they thought it had been caught in time but it sadly spread to far to fast

Heres to them, and anyone else who has or has lost a loved one, human or animal, friend or family, to cancer.  it is our hope that one day all forms of cancer will be cured.