Monday, October 4, 2010

memo to the human.

Dear mom,

please turn the heat down... we are well aware its getting cold outside and colder at night. and that unlike us beu.. beati... pretty kitties. you do not have the warmth of a full furr coat.. but please.... turn the heat down some... we are starting to roast. and poor Ava has extra fur. cant you find some more blankets.. or get your own fur?

Your somewhat loving, but not content kitties;

Sylvester, Camille, and Ava

P.S we'd turn it down ourselves but we cant reach the controller-thingy. and we need fresh crunches.


  1. We want it to get warmer, and you want it to get colder!!

    Poppy Q

  2. We are glad The Big Thing likes it at 70 degrees. That feels just right to us!

  3. My cats seem to like it warm. They lay right in front of the heaters and on 80 and 90 degree days, they always find the sun spot, even if it's upstairs in the warmest part of the house.

  4. What a polite and thoughtful note. Did you offer to warm your mom's bed for her? That might help.

  5. Hi! It's Angie from Catladyland. I saw you on the blog hop and wanted to stop by and say hello. Love your entry...I hope your mom turned the heat down for you! Fur coats can get very warm...

    Look forward to following your blog -- stop by and say hi on my blogs!


    Katt Food: