Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cats are cheaper then we want them to be.

The mom sitting here, watching streamed videos online. Sylvester and camille are asleep. but Ava? with the others um preocupied she can pick any toy ball or mouse she wants, even the ring chaiser thing is free. but nooo. she has to kill the blanket im under, then diligently whack the bottle cap for the soda im sipping on, off the night stand and halfway across the room in a frantic play sesion. but nooo thats not enough.... she has to knock it under the dresser........ Oh why!!!!

and to make things worse.... sylvester has been ignoring new toys to kill the cardboard tube from the new bathmat. thank goodness they allready got tired of the boxes. or maybe I took them away to soon.'

cats are cheap, they dont know the meaning or propper spoilage unless its in the form of food.


  1. Yeah, while I do dearly love my rattley fuzzy mousies most, my other favrit toys are TP tubes an egg cartons. Ayla's favrit toys are milk bottle rings, twist-ties an soda caps, with the occasional ping pong ball...


  2. My kitties love boxes, bags, soda cartons, and milk lids!