Saturday, October 9, 2010

opse sorry mom.

Ava is again bugging the mom, shes picked up a game shes had, and is trying to finish it before the sequil comes out. and well she needs to be all stealthy in it, and climb buildings and such. Ava decited to get right back in her face and stratigicly block the tv screen. caused mom to get two end games. she was not happy at all. but well ava and the rest of us did get our attenchen.  so now we are gunna be nice and snuggle with her calmly.


  1. We say that the kitties should make sure ta walk on the keyboards evry chance they get ta make Mom pay attention ta them!

  2. Sometimes, a kitteh's gotta do what a kitteh's gotta do to get some attention from their Human. What could possibly be more interesting that cuddling with the kitties???