Tuesday, October 12, 2010

need some purr power for a human friend.

Our moms been having a worry some day. she went to work as usual. minus it being busier then normal. and found out on her lunch that a good friend was in a bad car accident yesterday morning. Our mom feels kinda bad because when they worked together this lady (her name in Ginger) was always fun to talk to, and was a great listener and advice giver, she played matchmaker, then after our moms divorce she was a good councilor during and after. but because they no longer work together they hadn't been able to see each other but maybe once a month.

Anyways shes in pretty bad shape, the wreak was caused by a dump truck, and were are not sure but may have involved a third vehicle. but our friend Ginger (yup she used to visit us kitties too) has a few broken bones (hip, femur, and some fractures), and bad bumps and bruises. and severe blood loss. None of which is good because shes got a lot of health problems that can slow the healing process.  it totaled her car, and we've heard her seat-belt saved her life, otherwise she would have died. shes been in ICU for about two days now.

so if you would please purr and pray for our good friend Ginger that she can make a full recovery. and we will keep you updated.


  1. We are sorry to hear about your mum's friend. We are sending purrs and prayers for her to make a good recovery.

  2. We are absolutely sending healing purrs fer yer Moms friend!