Wednesday, October 13, 2010

update and anouther person.

lets seee mom almost killed Ava, because as mom was sitting in her chair playing her game (Assassins Creed II) Ava jumped and hung off moms back by her claws.  mom screamed.. and well Ava isn't allowed in the bed tonight.

Moms friend is still in rough shape, however its been cleared up that she has the two broken bones, with no other fractures, and they are keepimg an eye on any possible internal injuries. internal bleeding was stop'd and shes had a large blood transfusion. she seems to be in stable condition.

We needs some prayers and purrs for our moms dad as well. he went to the doctor today, and will again tomorrow. they are trying to find out why hes having abdominal pain and think its his gallbladder. so hopefully they can figure out whats up and treat it.


  1. Oh Bast! We are sendin strong purrs all around ta ALL of ya...

  2. I will purr for both Ginger and your Mom's dad. My Human knows sumfing 'bout gallbladders cause hers got stolen out of her after sumbuddy knocked her out a long time ago. She says she don't miss it any!