Saturday, March 27, 2010


Very nice mom, you are worth more then a means to feed us. the endless supply of boxes is good to.

"mom" here, closeing date on the house was moved up due to sellers moveing out sooner,  so about a week and a half i think as opsoed to a month. so now my toughest desision is what color to paint the outside, sadly it will take a lot of work before I will feel its safe to bring the kitties over (mostly paint, paint and more paint on my part preferably without kittys help), and i want to be with them for at least a day or two. But i have promised a endless supply of boxes, both before and after the move.. so they are all happy.

Oh and if you like our blog please follow us, wes only have one follower!! wahhhh! we promis pics will come after we are settled into our new place.

Monday, March 22, 2010

globbal warming?

or global freezing... why is there white stuff near the end of march?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Attack of Ava!

ooohhh I got my own posst, Ive been a ssilly girl, every night after mom comess home from work, I get all hyper and run all over her bed attacking her toess or a thrown toy! I love it ssoo much then I get to ssnuggle up to her and purr ash sshe falls ashleep.

note from mom: inspection is monday sometime, we did find out the roof is like within 5 years so that aleviates a worry. though i dont know if im looking forword to stepping on cat toys all the time, silly things never put them away they just drag them out.  lol i am looking forword to haveing my own place again!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


coolies, my mommy just informed us that papers were signed by both partys for the house, all we need now is to find out about the inspection.. so if that passes the house is ours and set for a mid to late april closeing.

Monday, March 15, 2010

mom calm down!!!!

Sylvester here trying to find that hour i lost yesturday but i can seem to find it anywhere!!. my mom is driving me nuts becouse well.. she found a house she liked and after some negotiations she may have gotten it. papers are not signed yet so shes holding her breath since something can still go wrong. she decited on a 1100sq 3 bed 1 bath house in a good location, nice neibors but on a main street in town.. well THE main street so we wont be trying to escape for a while, well just do that while we is at her parents. and dont worry we allways come back.. eventually. the house is like 20 years old and needs a major repair and then some minor repairs like painting and cleaning, and new hardware. but overall its in pretyy good shape and its on a bit of a hill so no swimming needed during downpours like one of her other choice would have been.

hey momiiee does this mean we can go back to yummy stinky goodness.... and will you actually take and post pictures and vids of us!! (yuppers after we get settled ina nd i gets internets there)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

warm and cozy

wow, we had snow not to long ago, and then past two days its been nice and warmer plants are budding and growing, it's just right for a walk... once i figure out how to sneak out the door with out getting caught.... any ideas?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


yay it snowed this morning, sadly our mom had to drive through it to get home, said it was really hard to see becouse it was a mix of mostly snow. i dont think she will ever get the salt off her car. sadly though the snow only stayed around for a few hours, it was too warm.

Also we are all getting verry excitied. Our mom has been houseshopping for  along time, since about november something. and shes finally gotten to the point of trying to get a place. while the selection isent much.... 3bed 1100sqft, or a 2bed 1300sq, or anouther 3 bed 1300sqft. all have pluses and minuses, so shes gotta make up her mind. We will love it when we finally get a bigger space to run and play in. its hard to play THoE in one room without landing on our sleeping human.