Saturday, March 27, 2010


Very nice mom, you are worth more then a means to feed us. the endless supply of boxes is good to.

"mom" here, closeing date on the house was moved up due to sellers moveing out sooner,  so about a week and a half i think as opsoed to a month. so now my toughest desision is what color to paint the outside, sadly it will take a lot of work before I will feel its safe to bring the kitties over (mostly paint, paint and more paint on my part preferably without kittys help), and i want to be with them for at least a day or two. But i have promised a endless supply of boxes, both before and after the move.. so they are all happy.

Oh and if you like our blog please follow us, wes only have one follower!! wahhhh! we promis pics will come after we are settled into our new place.


  1. Well, paint the house ta complement the kitties, of course! An tha insides, too...