Monday, March 15, 2010

mom calm down!!!!

Sylvester here trying to find that hour i lost yesturday but i can seem to find it anywhere!!. my mom is driving me nuts becouse well.. she found a house she liked and after some negotiations she may have gotten it. papers are not signed yet so shes holding her breath since something can still go wrong. she decited on a 1100sq 3 bed 1 bath house in a good location, nice neibors but on a main street in town.. well THE main street so we wont be trying to escape for a while, well just do that while we is at her parents. and dont worry we allways come back.. eventually. the house is like 20 years old and needs a major repair and then some minor repairs like painting and cleaning, and new hardware. but overall its in pretyy good shape and its on a bit of a hill so no swimming needed during downpours like one of her other choice would have been.

hey momiiee does this mean we can go back to yummy stinky goodness.... and will you actually take and post pictures and vids of us!! (yuppers after we get settled ina nd i gets internets there)


  1. Sylvester, that lost hour snuck off to October. You'll find it there.

    Congrats on the new house! Sounds good, but you be careful not to escape outside there!

  2. hmmm october.... hey!!! i can get 25 hours of sleep that day!!!. and we all promis not to escape fromt he new place as long as mom keeps up her side of the bargain... we allways wanted a birdfeeder :)