Tuesday, March 2, 2010


yay it snowed this morning, sadly our mom had to drive through it to get home, said it was really hard to see becouse it was a mix of mostly snow. i dont think she will ever get the salt off her car. sadly though the snow only stayed around for a few hours, it was too warm.

Also we are all getting verry excitied. Our mom has been houseshopping for  along time, since about november something. and shes finally gotten to the point of trying to get a place. while the selection isent much.... 3bed 1100sqft, or a 2bed 1300sq, or anouther 3 bed 1300sqft. all have pluses and minuses, so shes gotta make up her mind. We will love it when we finally get a bigger space to run and play in. its hard to play THoE in one room without landing on our sleeping human.


  1. We are glad yer snow melted fast. We had 3 feet of it and its been here for a month!

    A new house sounds excitin...