Saturday, July 24, 2010

ahhh cooler now

we like these magical vents that blow cold air, its so nice to lay near one. the ac is in completely. we still get a little nervouse when it runs, not used to it. Its not a loud thing.. its just a small house, so we cant get away from it.  Speaking of noise.. our mean human is feeling better in the cool, (nothing serious but waiting on her blood test results.) and got out both the dry vacume, and the shampooer... we really need to find a way  to kill them... or hide them? SOMETHING!?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

we're bored.

yup we are bored. are human is being more lazy then usual, we are a little worried she smelled like the doctors office a few days ago and has a little bruse with a puncture mark in her arm, and it wasent us that did it. anyways nothing much going on, its been really hot here so we is conseving our energy, and the ac unit should be done later today, eveything is done but the actual units getting in. so we will be soo happy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the horrible horrible heat

we seen sooo many kitties that are finding creative ways to cool off. we like sitting near the fan or a vent... anything cooler...
At one point last summer the place our mom stayed at.. literally started roasting... take a empty but closed can.. and throw it on a open flame..  and imagine living inside that can. that's how hot it was. and because of a kitty who is no longer with us, the windows could not be opened all the way or outside he went with the window screen.   but what was nice.. we kept finding these solid but very cold chunks in our water bowl. they of course did not belong and ended up who knows where.. they kept disappearing after about 15 minutes.

Thanks to everyone that's visiting and leaving comments. we've been lurkers for a while but decided to be more active with both old and new,  we are really enjoying this, but catnip still rules over all else :)

Mom here, its not that hot where they are... we have AC, and ill have a better AC in about two days. I'll have lotsa new holes in the floor. Oh and the "hot can" they are talking about. While thankfully it seems everyone has at least some AC this summer, there was a point when we lived in a double wide.... and we had nothing but trouble with the system, we froze in the winter till it got fixed, and in fixing they messed up the cool, so when the heat started outside....we roasted for about 4 days till it got fixed.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sleepy time

My mom can sprawl out on the bed and hog the whole thing some times. she thinks its funny when i kick and push at her, but I'm just trying to make more room so I, the rightful owner of the bed and stretch out to my full length. then she has the nerve to laugh at me when i have a nap attack and plant my face flat on the bed when the rest of me is in some other direction. what? its comfy and the sheets smell nice.

Friday, July 9, 2010

watch out mom!!

I'm making plans to escape the prissen.. just long enough to catch a certain squirl. See i was watching from the window this morning from my mom's parents place.  and saw my human taking out the garbage, well the garbage cans are kept next to a storage building,  the very one the chiwawa was hideing under. Anyways to get to it you have to walk beside a decent sized and very tall sugar maple tree. Just as my human was walking under that tree,,, a squirl threw a apple down from a higher branch.... it bounced right off her. now i don't know if this squirl was trying to aim, or what. not to mention, the apple had the ripe part ate out of it. its a crab apple I think? the humans like it more for the flowers then the fruit. but still that was a mean squirl.

not much going on here,just slowly moving into the new place. its been sooo hot she hasn't been able to paint. oh well... more human time for us.

Monday, July 5, 2010

playfull 4rth

we decited to get all hyper since the boomers wouldnt let us sleep. our mom was however.  so.. we simply played some king of the hill. and later pretended that "hill" (actually our human trying to sleep) was a fun trampolen. we spend a good half hour jumping on and off the bed wrastling. when we finally settled down and had a short hour nap.. the human woke up. so we played some more.

 and the human is learning its not such a good idea to hold ava in her arms for a extended period of time. see ava loves being held and cuddled and purrs lots and lots when she is. but when she purrs lots and lots.. she drools lots and lots. so when the human finally set her down.. avas chest furs, and the humans arm were coved in drool.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th!!

hope everyone has a safe, happy anf fun 4th of july weekend!! we is gunna sneak some barbeQ from our human, and go find a quiet place away from the boomies to sleep it off.  stay safe everyone!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stinky shoes...

Camille is kinda funnt when it comes to the humans shoes. as soon as they are kicked off and shes satisfied with her share of welcome home attenchen.. she checks moms shoes all over inside and out. she tells us there are allways new and interesting smells. I, Sylvester could care lesss. those shoes make a safe place to hide my toys and... if placed to close to my scratching post.... they are fun to attack..... just done leave your head in one too long....