Friday, July 9, 2010

watch out mom!!

I'm making plans to escape the prissen.. just long enough to catch a certain squirl. See i was watching from the window this morning from my mom's parents place.  and saw my human taking out the garbage, well the garbage cans are kept next to a storage building,  the very one the chiwawa was hideing under. Anyways to get to it you have to walk beside a decent sized and very tall sugar maple tree. Just as my human was walking under that tree,,, a squirl threw a apple down from a higher branch.... it bounced right off her. now i don't know if this squirl was trying to aim, or what. not to mention, the apple had the ripe part ate out of it. its a crab apple I think? the humans like it more for the flowers then the fruit. but still that was a mean squirl.

not much going on here,just slowly moving into the new place. its been sooo hot she hasn't been able to paint. oh well... more human time for us.


  1. We wish ya the best of luck with that skwerl! We seen them takin away small green apples, but never realized what they wanted them for!

    The apples are weapons!

    We will warn our Bein about that right away. We sure dont want him ta be apple-bonked to unconshiancenessity!!!