Saturday, July 24, 2010

ahhh cooler now

we like these magical vents that blow cold air, its so nice to lay near one. the ac is in completely. we still get a little nervouse when it runs, not used to it. Its not a loud thing.. its just a small house, so we cant get away from it.  Speaking of noise.. our mean human is feeling better in the cool, (nothing serious but waiting on her blood test results.) and got out both the dry vacume, and the shampooer... we really need to find a way  to kill them... or hide them? SOMETHING!?


  1. Oh, the "Bakk-yuum Monster" is evil!!!

    You could come over here--it's only 61 degrees in San Francisco. We have plenty of fog to share & you don't need the cold-blowy-things at all!

  2. Those magic vents sound very nice to blow on you to keep you cool. The evil vacuum not so much.

  3. Our kitty condo is placed where cool air blows up over it from two holes in the floor. It is wunnerful. An iffen it gets too cool, there are sunpuddles to lay in by the deck door.