Sunday, September 4, 2011


our moms dad is back home till further tests can be done. and mom has banished us from he computer for a while

Friday, September 2, 2011

Prayers please

First of we are sorry about not posting, commenting etc. Our mom has been really busy she finally got her old room at her parents house 95.3% cleared out, and has been busy with work, and trying to get things unpacked. she still has a whole room full of boxes to go through at our house. and she's been busy writing.

however she has had what she called the worst Day in a  while. Her uncle was supposed to come and visit, sleeping in moms old bedroom aka the guestroom. and was gunna take our moms mom to a mini vacation out of state, so our mom spent the majority of her stay-cation cleaning, and packing and then unpacking, so make sure her room was cleaned out as close to 100% as she had time to.

Well that got done and the visitors were supposed to come Friday night. so our mom has been staying with us. and she also became a bit of a early bird, as opposed to a late sleeper due to working late.

The bad day started when mom woke up 3 whole hours before she intended to, so she got 5 hours of sleep. in addition to that, she went to work a whole hour earlier then she was supposed to, and they would not let her clock in so she had to sit it out. then in the middle of what became a busy day thanks to labor day. Her mom finds her at work and gives the bad news. the visitors and vacation were canceled.. but that's not the bad part.

they were canceled because our moms dad went to the hospital. and hes spent the night in ICU. so if you would just make some silent prayers that they find out what is wrong and fix it. our mom stayed at work and may or may not be working depending on what is going on.

some more tests will be run this morning so we will find out then. so far previous tests have been okay.

and kitty's please remember we've been and will remain
"Lurkers" till  things get a little more back to normal both with our moms dad, and the unpacking.