Monday, January 31, 2011


so... mom... just because I wake you up while we're sleeping does not mean you can wake me up while I'm dreaming. So what if I was using your arm as a body pillow, so what if I started growling and twitching while I slept. The giant mouse was getting away and I had to improvise.. and you know what.. you woke me up moving my pillow your arm just as I was about to catch my giant mouse. Effectively canceling any hope for victory. So next time you are drooling in your sleep... don't be surprised if I sneeze in your face, or poke your eye with my paw. fair is fair.

Oh and no its not a gizzy quily although one or two or three would be nice. Its something mom is buying from a co-worker who upgraded. so its yet to be seen if we will get it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

huh little bit of snow.

well it snowd a little bit but didnt amount to much of anything and there was a whole comotion about "oh no what if the power goes out,, what if i run out of food"  our mom wishes she had that luxury, it be rain, shine, snow, ice, or tornado she has to get to work.. at least untill may something. she really needs a better job. its getting harder to keep her happy lately.

oh and about wht we are getting, its not a cat tree we got one for xmas. so we are good there.

Monday, January 24, 2011

WOW will the cold ever end...

our mom keps telling us that we have snow on the way  we had snow thursday but it went away.

oh mom is doing better, shes not eating to good but shesz gzetting over it. her boss let her leave the last two days she worked. so that helped.

oh and the surprise we might get later? nope its not a kitty or a puppy.... its not anything with four.. or even two legs and it does not have fur or skin.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

mom says thanks!!

Our mom is feeling a little better must be all the purs she got. She still had to go to work but after pointing out to her manager that she is still contagious  and after he kept his distance all night, i mean he politely backed away from her if she got to close. if she had been in a good mood she would have entertained herself and annoyed him even more. She got to leave an hour early but stooped to talk to a friend for about 10 minutes who got sick just two days before mom did. they had about the same symptoms but her friend caught it in time for better medicine.  our mom is on antibiotics so she wont get something nasty and she got some cough medicine that she likes because it settles her tummy and makes her sleep.  oh and this week is a hour cutting week so if things go as planned (but they never do) she might be able to leave early a little more often.

Um we have some good news.. welll um.. we dont know if its good or not.... but mom says we may have a nice surprise coming in the next few weeks.. and i dont think its the snow a day clear a day snow a day forecast for the week. shes also made it clear its not catnip infused.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

purrs for our mom

our mom came home Sunday morning with a migraine she barely took some aspirin and kept sitting down before she could make it to the bed. one she got on the bed she didn't move for a whole 23 hours!! we stayed on her trying to keep her comfortable but she felt really ot and she kept shivering. shes doing a little better, shes stayed out of work and she has a Dr's apt this morning. so hopefully they can fix her right up

oh she came back from the doctors and she has the flu with a fever of 104. she got upset because she was guna make arraignments to take a short leave of absence from work till she wasn't contagious anymore. but they wont let her. the flu unless ii hospitalizes her is not deemed serous enough by there standards  to warrant more then a thee day absence. he job really does suck. She to late to take a antiviril but she has antibiotics to prevent a respritory infection. he mom is being kind enough to get the RX's and some juices and such.

just a warning to you if you shop at walmart..... bring hand sanitizer. she got the bug from co-workers.

all of our snow and icicles have melted off we've had rain on and off all week. thats about it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

snows melting

not much to report. its been cold and we are staying warm. our mom saw our visitor kittie, she freaked becouse she almost got it ran over but it was okay. it was more concerned about getting away from her, then the car is ran infrount of. aparently mom didnt notice it when she went to get the mail till she walked over to get back in her car and it was standing there. we're wondering if we might get a new roomie, but all of the strays they tame and get vet checked. dont come back. (they alll have feline AIDS and the bad side effects). so shes trying not to get to attached.

We are hopeing mom's parents dont get impailed. they have a freakishly large iceicle hanging off the roof right under the door. its a two story house so its gunna fall hard.  mom offered to throw rocks at it. but becouse she cant garentee she wont break a window they didnt go for that. itll prolly fall today its supost to get up to 45 degrees F.

oh and the fishie tent Sylvester was in on the last post... actually it wasent on the bed to start with, it was on the floor by the bed but no one wanted to use it. so she put it on the bed actually for Ava's use. and Sylvester claimed it. he sleeps in it on ocasion and camille has used it. the bed is so big mom figured why not leave it. shes dosent roll that far when she sleeps.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

its still cold.

its been almost a week now since the snow fell and its still there... normally its only around for a few hours.. a day at the most. but i hear it will warm up later. we keep getting spitting snow. but its gunna rain on monday so it should all be gone by then. in other news.....

I found this really nice place to sleep during the cold.

and Ava may look cute but shes actually a venus hand trap...... you have been warned.

look a rare pic with all three of us.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

still snowy!

Well Sylvester here im back with mom at her parents house. yesturday morning after the salt truckmade a pass she decited to pack me and her laptop off and come to her parents house becouse her stove is acting up. she left Ava and Camille there, with tons of food, a full water fountain unplugged. and water dripping from two facets. one is in the tub the other a sink. she turned the heat up and locked the doors. I was in the back seat so i couldnt see what was happeneding but i could feel the car moveing forword.. stopping suddenly and moveing back.. it did this about three times before it kept going forword. then it stoped again i asume at the end of the drive way.. then the car started roaring and makeing a horrible sound before it lurched forword and turned. after that it went slow and the ride was bumpy in parts. then after a while it turned again and the bumpyness increased. then it started backing up and going forword makeing that horrible sound over and over again before it finnally stoped and i was taken inside.

well i spent the night keeping the bed warm while my mom went to work.  heard the horrible sound again as the car left. and I was inside the house. anyways she said the car did that again when she got to work and changed her mind on where to part, it did it again when she tried to get out of her parking spot. and that the road felt slick in spots. the main road again was okay. then when she pulled into the side street where her parents live, th car hung up again and when she gassed it, she said it fishtailed... yum why didnt she bring me a fishtail.. i like fish. but she managed to park it with little trouble.

she said its snowing. the cold stuff was supost to come yesturday but didnt. instead its here today. she says if we get more snow or if it ices over, then shell stay home. she didnt like the drive home at all.

hope eveyone else is doing okay. ill try ad get her to make visits later.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

oh its snowing again.

Our mom is normally asleep right now at 11:46pm our time. but i walked across the laptop and made it come on so the light woke her up. she checked the weather becouse they were calliong for 4-6 inches of the cold white stuff. well she noticed it was snowing by the weather so she looked outside. yup its snowing...  shell go out later when its not so late for pictures. but so far she trapped in her house with us. the main road is again white (at least we live on a main road) the rocky riveway is white.. the meatal machine is white... the ground is white.. even the frund and ide porches are white. she thinks this might be the normal snow.. last snow was cold and wet and sticky. but they usually have dry snow, snow that blows around into drifts and is imposible to make snowmen or snowballs from. so far there is about a 2 inches on her car. we are all glad she didnt have to go to work tonight its a usual day off, or she would have been driving in it. (like we said, she cant miss any more come blizzard or ice she has to make it to work)

lets see edited 3:06 am..

snowfall reports of surounding areas latest report..

Issued by The Weather Channel
2:57 am CST, Mon., Jan. 10, 2011
The latest snowfall reports from The National Weather Service in Huntsville, AL: Belvidere, 9.0"... Hartselle, 8.0"... Winchester, 7.7"... near Huntsville, 7.5"... Madison, 7.0"... Moulton, 7.0"... Fort Payne, 6.7"... Arab, 6.5"... Guntersville, 5.0"... Boaz, 5.0".

dont know about here, but moms metal machine tires are disapearing. its supost to stop around 2 hours from now, but then its supost to rain later and freeze on top of the snow. well post pictures later

edited 5:44am

our mom took some pictures earlier, and she took some about an hour ago. more will be posted when the sun comes up before she unburrys her car and finds the driveway and the ditches on either side at the end of it.  We did find out why the main road is still white, aparently the road crews decited to take the night off so they can clear the roads all day today and tuesday. we are supost to get some freezing rain or sleet, then tonight it will turn back to snow.

anyways heres some pictures.

the car pictures are for comparison, taken through the storm door that mom needs to clean.

this was taken first.

this was taken next a hour or two later.

a frount-side view, snow is higher then the bottom of the car.

poor car must be freezing at this point. 

the steps leading off the side deck. last one is prolly completely covered and almost hidden.

two trees in the front yard

this is the side deck, its untouched snow and the tape mearue goes to the wood.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

mom give us back the laptop!!

looks like our mom has gotten into the mood for writting again. she grew up writing short stories and now she trying to write a book. so far shes not finished one. but we can allways hope. but becouse of this.. she wont let us play on the computer! WHY MOMMA WHY!!!!!

Ava and camille have warmed up to the cattree. AVA goes nuts and has fallen off a few times.. she just jumps right back on it. shes worse then a floofy kitten.Sylvester just uses it as a rise to get into the window. hope everyone is having a good time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

we survived.

our mom survived working new years eve and day. We survived not having her around.

Shes finally off and has a traditional new years dinner with ham and cabbage; and thankfully she has some black eyed peas; for tonight when she wakes up. yeah we know that should be her first meal. oh well. shes even gunna have crescent rolls and sparkling grape juice in a wine glass. then we are gunna help her sort and place all these grocery's shes been buying. she got a limited time discount applied to food purchases soo.. shes got about 6 to 7 months worth of basic canned and boxed food stuffs. and this last trip was the biggest since today was the last day.

 she even got us dental care treats in two flavors... we keep finding them on the tree and mixed in our dry foods. Speaking of our kitty tree.... when she got home this morning Ava and Camille were on it. and later Ava got sooo happy mom was home she went nuts on the tree climbing the posts and rolling around. batting one on the pompoms and playing with a mouse. mom just wishes she had her camera in hand but when she left to get it the hyper spurt was gone.

oh and Ava has a dumpster diving doppelganger. mom freaked out because it was in our driveway. she was afraid Ava got out somehow. but na it wasn't her. we don't know if its a stray or if it has a home our mom wont let us talk to it.