Tuesday, January 11, 2011

still snowy!

Well Sylvester here im back with mom at her parents house. yesturday morning after the salt truckmade a pass she decited to pack me and her laptop off and come to her parents house becouse her stove is acting up. she left Ava and Camille there, with tons of food, a full water fountain unplugged. and water dripping from two facets. one is in the tub the other a sink. she turned the heat up and locked the doors. I was in the back seat so i couldnt see what was happeneding but i could feel the car moveing forword.. stopping suddenly and moveing back.. it did this about three times before it kept going forword. then it stoped again i asume at the end of the drive way.. then the car started roaring and makeing a horrible sound before it lurched forword and turned. after that it went slow and the ride was bumpy in parts. then after a while it turned again and the bumpyness increased. then it started backing up and going forword makeing that horrible sound over and over again before it finnally stoped and i was taken inside.

well i spent the night keeping the bed warm while my mom went to work.  heard the horrible sound again as the car left. and I was inside the house. anyways she said the car did that again when she got to work and changed her mind on where to part, it did it again when she tried to get out of her parking spot. and that the road felt slick in spots. the main road again was okay. then when she pulled into the side street where her parents live, th car hung up again and when she gassed it, she said it fishtailed... yum why didnt she bring me a fishtail.. i like fish. but she managed to park it with little trouble.

she said its snowing. the cold stuff was supost to come yesturday but didnt. instead its here today. she says if we get more snow or if it ices over, then shell stay home. she didnt like the drive home at all.

hope eveyone else is doing okay. ill try ad get her to make visits later.


  1. Wow! Your Mom had a scary ride, and you did too! We hope y'all stay warm...and SAFE!

  2. Cars are scary enough without snow ta make things worser! Glad you have a warm place...