Thursday, January 6, 2011

mom give us back the laptop!!

looks like our mom has gotten into the mood for writting again. she grew up writing short stories and now she trying to write a book. so far shes not finished one. but we can allways hope. but becouse of this.. she wont let us play on the computer! WHY MOMMA WHY!!!!!

Ava and camille have warmed up to the cattree. AVA goes nuts and has fallen off a few times.. she just jumps right back on it. shes worse then a floofy kitten.Sylvester just uses it as a rise to get into the window. hope everyone is having a good time.


  1. Good luck to your mama on the book! How exciting!

    Oh, careful. Sounds like quite the party on the cat tree :)

  2. I can unerstand the "fallin off part". Im not the agile one here. But I keep jumpin an I get ta the top. Im gettin better at it evry day!