Sunday, January 2, 2011

we survived.

our mom survived working new years eve and day. We survived not having her around.

Shes finally off and has a traditional new years dinner with ham and cabbage; and thankfully she has some black eyed peas; for tonight when she wakes up. yeah we know that should be her first meal. oh well. shes even gunna have crescent rolls and sparkling grape juice in a wine glass. then we are gunna help her sort and place all these grocery's shes been buying. she got a limited time discount applied to food purchases soo.. shes got about 6 to 7 months worth of basic canned and boxed food stuffs. and this last trip was the biggest since today was the last day.

 she even got us dental care treats in two flavors... we keep finding them on the tree and mixed in our dry foods. Speaking of our kitty tree.... when she got home this morning Ava and Camille were on it. and later Ava got sooo happy mom was home she went nuts on the tree climbing the posts and rolling around. batting one on the pompoms and playing with a mouse. mom just wishes she had her camera in hand but when she left to get it the hyper spurt was gone.

oh and Ava has a dumpster diving doppelganger. mom freaked out because it was in our driveway. she was afraid Ava got out somehow. but na it wasn't her. we don't know if its a stray or if it has a home our mom wont let us talk to it.

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  1. We are worried about Soulisitic and Eve can cat food. The first is just hard to find an the Evo is gone. We have to learn ta like new foods...