Saturday, January 15, 2011

snows melting

not much to report. its been cold and we are staying warm. our mom saw our visitor kittie, she freaked becouse she almost got it ran over but it was okay. it was more concerned about getting away from her, then the car is ran infrount of. aparently mom didnt notice it when she went to get the mail till she walked over to get back in her car and it was standing there. we're wondering if we might get a new roomie, but all of the strays they tame and get vet checked. dont come back. (they alll have feline AIDS and the bad side effects). so shes trying not to get to attached.

We are hopeing mom's parents dont get impailed. they have a freakishly large iceicle hanging off the roof right under the door. its a two story house so its gunna fall hard.  mom offered to throw rocks at it. but becouse she cant garentee she wont break a window they didnt go for that. itll prolly fall today its supost to get up to 45 degrees F.

oh and the fishie tent Sylvester was in on the last post... actually it wasent on the bed to start with, it was on the floor by the bed but no one wanted to use it. so she put it on the bed actually for Ava's use. and Sylvester claimed it. he sleeps in it on ocasion and camille has used it. the bed is so big mom figured why not leave it. shes dosent roll that far when she sleeps.


  1. Hey tell yer Beins ta buy a cheap PVP pipe to kanock the iceicles off the roof! Ours loves doin that.