Sunday, January 9, 2011

oh its snowing again.

Our mom is normally asleep right now at 11:46pm our time. but i walked across the laptop and made it come on so the light woke her up. she checked the weather becouse they were calliong for 4-6 inches of the cold white stuff. well she noticed it was snowing by the weather so she looked outside. yup its snowing...  shell go out later when its not so late for pictures. but so far she trapped in her house with us. the main road is again white (at least we live on a main road) the rocky riveway is white.. the meatal machine is white... the ground is white.. even the frund and ide porches are white. she thinks this might be the normal snow.. last snow was cold and wet and sticky. but they usually have dry snow, snow that blows around into drifts and is imposible to make snowmen or snowballs from. so far there is about a 2 inches on her car. we are all glad she didnt have to go to work tonight its a usual day off, or she would have been driving in it. (like we said, she cant miss any more come blizzard or ice she has to make it to work)

lets see edited 3:06 am..

snowfall reports of surounding areas latest report..

Issued by The Weather Channel
2:57 am CST, Mon., Jan. 10, 2011
The latest snowfall reports from The National Weather Service in Huntsville, AL: Belvidere, 9.0"... Hartselle, 8.0"... Winchester, 7.7"... near Huntsville, 7.5"... Madison, 7.0"... Moulton, 7.0"... Fort Payne, 6.7"... Arab, 6.5"... Guntersville, 5.0"... Boaz, 5.0".

dont know about here, but moms metal machine tires are disapearing. its supost to stop around 2 hours from now, but then its supost to rain later and freeze on top of the snow. well post pictures later

edited 5:44am

our mom took some pictures earlier, and she took some about an hour ago. more will be posted when the sun comes up before she unburrys her car and finds the driveway and the ditches on either side at the end of it.  We did find out why the main road is still white, aparently the road crews decited to take the night off so they can clear the roads all day today and tuesday. we are supost to get some freezing rain or sleet, then tonight it will turn back to snow.

anyways heres some pictures.

the car pictures are for comparison, taken through the storm door that mom needs to clean.

this was taken first.

this was taken next a hour or two later.

a frount-side view, snow is higher then the bottom of the car.

poor car must be freezing at this point. 

the steps leading off the side deck. last one is prolly completely covered and almost hidden.

two trees in the front yard

this is the side deck, its untouched snow and the tape mearue goes to the wood.


  1. We hope ya gots enough stinky goodness or kibble in the house! Mom can order pizza - they allus arrive.

  2. lol yeah we have a big bag of dry, and mom stocked up on food a while back. post was edited 3:06 am

  3. Holy Cats! That's a LOT of snow! Stay warm, and be safe!