Wednesday, January 19, 2011

purrs for our mom

our mom came home Sunday morning with a migraine she barely took some aspirin and kept sitting down before she could make it to the bed. one she got on the bed she didn't move for a whole 23 hours!! we stayed on her trying to keep her comfortable but she felt really ot and she kept shivering. shes doing a little better, shes stayed out of work and she has a Dr's apt this morning. so hopefully they can fix her right up

oh she came back from the doctors and she has the flu with a fever of 104. she got upset because she was guna make arraignments to take a short leave of absence from work till she wasn't contagious anymore. but they wont let her. the flu unless ii hospitalizes her is not deemed serous enough by there standards  to warrant more then a thee day absence. he job really does suck. She to late to take a antiviril but she has antibiotics to prevent a respritory infection. he mom is being kind enough to get the RX's and some juices and such.

just a warning to you if you shop at walmart..... bring hand sanitizer. she got the bug from co-workers.

all of our snow and icicles have melted off we've had rain on and off all week. thats about it.


  1. Three days for the flu? That's ridiculous. I sure hope you aren't sick this long, but when I had flu I was out for two weeks. Take care and SLEEP.

  2. Oh my! Our best purrs to yer Mom. We hope she heals fast!