Saturday, January 22, 2011

mom says thanks!!

Our mom is feeling a little better must be all the purs she got. She still had to go to work but after pointing out to her manager that she is still contagious  and after he kept his distance all night, i mean he politely backed away from her if she got to close. if she had been in a good mood she would have entertained herself and annoyed him even more. She got to leave an hour early but stooped to talk to a friend for about 10 minutes who got sick just two days before mom did. they had about the same symptoms but her friend caught it in time for better medicine.  our mom is on antibiotics so she wont get something nasty and she got some cough medicine that she likes because it settles her tummy and makes her sleep.  oh and this week is a hour cutting week so if things go as planned (but they never do) she might be able to leave early a little more often.

Um we have some good news.. welll um.. we dont know if its good or not.... but mom says we may have a nice surprise coming in the next few weeks.. and i dont think its the snow a day clear a day snow a day forecast for the week. shes also made it clear its not catnip infused.

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  1. Tell Mom to sneeze at her boss a lot. Maybe he'll send her home!

    Um, we wonder if your surprise is like the one we got today?