Monday, January 31, 2011


so... mom... just because I wake you up while we're sleeping does not mean you can wake me up while I'm dreaming. So what if I was using your arm as a body pillow, so what if I started growling and twitching while I slept. The giant mouse was getting away and I had to improvise.. and you know what.. you woke me up moving my pillow your arm just as I was about to catch my giant mouse. Effectively canceling any hope for victory. So next time you are drooling in your sleep... don't be surprised if I sneeze in your face, or poke your eye with my paw. fair is fair.

Oh and no its not a gizzy quily although one or two or three would be nice. Its something mom is buying from a co-worker who upgraded. so its yet to be seen if we will get it.


  1. We HATE it when the skwerl escapes cuz TBT woke us up!

    Um, we are wonderin iffen ya are getting a new sofa or bed...