Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain rain go away....

its been raining like nonstop since yesturday and early this morning! our mom said she could hear it on the roof of her worky place on and off all night long. we hate rain! and mom said she had to swim home from work.. swim!!! oh the horror!!! at least she made it home okay if not a little wet. i think we will just cuddle where its warm and dry. Ava has allready gotten a head start on keeping it warm under the covers. Sylvester will be there soon to help with the spaces around the pillows. Camille is just lucky she wasent put out for the night... mom is still hissy at her for peeing on her bed yesturday.

Oh and if you havent allready help us out with our "tree.. fish" desision by posting a comment on that specific post. thanks!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

fish.... or tree

Our mom is silly, she was dumbfounded at work. the employee(somewhat new guy) in the pet department found a empty beta bowl/cup. it had its lid secure and a little water but the fish was no where to be found.  our mom freaked out and they checked all the other beta cups to make sure none of them were playing fight club. but they were all single fish in their single bowls. they even checked to see if it was poured out on the shelf, or in a empty glass bowl. nope they never did find it. its a mystery.. but it prolly had a nice ride out of the store in someones pocket.

our mom was wondering and she has asked us, so we are asking you. she keeps walking by the fish for sale at her workplace. and she grew up with fish on and off, at one point her mom had a big tank of fish and they kept multiplying.. magic she was told. but then she was like 5.  We know a few of you kitties get to watch fish but you also get to watch birds and squirrels.

She plans to eventually get both.. but shes given us a option on our Christmas gift. a fish tank, like a 20-30 gal complete with fish. or a cat tree with three perches and two box houses on it.

for the cat tree she plans to put it beside a window, or in view of the window she plans to put in place of the old wall ac unit. either window we would get to see fevvers and nut cases.

She can guarantee birds and squirrels the rest of the year.. but not live fish. and no we wont get to eat either waaiiii!

We got our flimg-a-ma-string last tue or wed. and we love it!! moms been trying to get pics but shes been really busy. we hope to post some late ones before long. but we'll keep playing with it till then.. good thing she likes rechagable batterys... we;ll be needing them.
oh and well be surfing eveyones blogs to night who have commented on past posts, look for our comments on your blogs.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

blah sat.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on our blogs, we'll be visiting Sunday morning or Monday morning. we like to read past posts too. Turkey was all gone, we are sad, but then again everyone should be stuffed and tired of leftovers. um our mom got lots of canned goods. and will get more tomorrow. (shes stocking the pantry to last as long as she can.)

Like we said she survived the black Friday event. but had a rough day at work cleaning up the mess in addition to her usual tasks. shes also trying to change jobs still to get away from a mean mean old lady who was in a mean mean mood today.

on a solom note if you would just send out a purr to a dog she saw on the side of the road. On her way home yesterday morning she saw what she thought was a exotic animal sitting buy the road. but from signs on the road, her first believe was true. At first she thought it was two dogs because she only caught a glimpse. sadly it was (dispite hopes it wasn't). one had been hit by a car, and pretty violently. someone had moved its body to the side of the road where the second dog was sitting up against it. they were so close mom thought it was one animal and that it was still alive. on her way home only the dead one remained. Shes really hoping and praying the other one is okay.  they were the same breed and coloring, maybe Pyrenees. there are several houses nearby so who knows if they just got loose. or worse case they were dumped at the shelter a few miles away.  our mom didn't stop because of the houses nearby and she has a bone deep fear of large dogs, but doesn't hate them which is why she got upset. so again just send a prayer that the one is okay over the rainbow bridge and that the other will finds its home or a good home, and if not it finds its buddy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

mom survived black friday!

like we said earlier our mom had to work on black friday, well she survived. She wasent able to get much of what she wanted becouse things were cleared out. thats a good thing though. and she did a little christmas shopping, but sadly we see nothing for us in the bag. oh well, its a shame there are absolutely no pet stores near her.  oh well.

We hope eveyone had a good thanksgiving and if your human chose to shop today, we hope they got everything they wanted.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving. We celebrated yesterday  and guess what we gots some turkey meat!! it was good and we got extra treats through the night.  We are thankful for all the toys, treats and scritches we receive. we are glad to be indoor only kitties (with an occasional escape). and are happy our food and water says full, and our beds warm.

for those of you wandering by help yourself to a turkey day buffet.

first we have some turkey!

And next we have plenty of fixings!

Be sure to fill your plate up and enjoy!

We have plenty of catnip fresh and dried, along with oats if you don't like the other green vegies. and we have plenty of toys and beds (including the moms). litter boxes are in the washroom down the hall and first door to the left. or outside if you prefer. We have piles of leaves outside to play in and a few perches set up.

Hope you enjoy your stay and again, Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey-da... oh wait!

Okay okay..... so we are a day early. Our mom and her parents decided that since she is off wed night, but has to work Thursday-- the weekend. that they would celebrate early so she can enjoy the dinner with minimal sleep loss. we just have to help her wake up at 4pm which to her is like 3am would be to normal day person.

Looks like they will be getting some turkey, macaroni and cheese. mashed potatoes with peas and carrots. and some rolls. and a apple or cherry pie (what ever she found) cranberry sauce and stuffing. not a huge meal but good variety, it just her and her parents. maybe some football too. They rarely have a big get together for turkey-day.

oh and mom says we can try some turkey. they don't put much seasonings if any so we might like it.

anyways we gotta make sure the pillows are fluffed and the bed is warm. want to ensure we get some turkey!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Okay we were wondering.. where do you keep your toys? are they in baskets, or on the floor, or in a box... or up where you cant get them without your human. how does your human store the ones you dont play with.? are they neatly sorted or all thrown into a box or two.

ours are scattered all over the place. about two years ago we had a basket full... but everynight the basket was emptied and toys left everywhere. so the toys slowly disapeared, and only a few stay on the floor at any given time. sometimes they end up back in the basket.. but we take care of that.. silly toys they dont belong in a basket.

Our mom is wondering as well. shes wanting to find a good storage system for our stuff. the food is taken care of, shes dedicated a lower cabnet for our foods. but wants to keep toys elswhere. shes frustrated about the toys being homeless.

Ava and camille found a blanket. Our mom found one under the bed, so she pulled it out and left it in a pile. next thing we know... First Camille sleeps on it all night long. and Ava sleeps on it when shes not in her chair. our mom doent know what to think.. its a microplush throw she got at half price. like 2 or 3 dollars. so guess you can say thats the cheapest nice kitty blanket we have had in a while.. sure beats the dollar tree baby blankets.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey-day storys.

Turkey day is almost upon us, sadly our human has to work that night.. and deal with the black Friday crowd. she did that last year and found it stressful. but she says this year is supposed to be better... she gets paid to stand and guard the merchandise.. and straighten only within a couple of feet of it, but she has no clue what she will do at the last three hours of her shift.  we are hoping for some goodies.

Anyways she was thinking about what she might get to take to work for a few days after turkey day. and started reminiscing on a kitty that came before us. Actually her first kitty. Tiger; He was a smokey Persian.. I think they are called doll faced. his nose wasn't smashed in but wasn't as pointed as a typical cat. and he had papers.

they were inseparable our mom was just a kid when they got him.

Anyways every turkey day they would have a traditional dinner. while they ate their goodies. guess who got a special meal?

He got some turkey meat, and the boiled innards. and due to him getting into a cooling pumpkin pie... he got a little sliver with the crust.  I think later he even got some stuffing added to his meal.

They did this up until he stopped cleaning his plate which was a good while. into his life. and when his housemate Cleo joined she got some as well. but preferred just the turkey.

We aren't as spoiled. we just get dry crunches.. but Sylvester has been known to tear into cornbread.

Do you get to eat a special turkey-day meal with your humans? is it a traditional year after year thing?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moment of silence

Weve noticed a few kitties went over the bridge recently. we didnt know, or visit those blogs, but we still send our condolences to their humans and friends on their loss. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stay-cation is over!

our mom goes back to work tonight. Shes been busy but didn't get all the way done. so shes got a few days until her "e-vic-tion"  its not a real eviction..  her parents want her completely moved (minus furniture) before turkey day so they can use the room for guests. 

so here's a summary....

  • 2/3rds of her bedroom plus 1/3 of what was left in the storage room.
  • All the trash/unfixable items are gone or bagged for trash day.
  • Everything that has been boxed is ready to be moved if not already.
  • Shes boxed up all her video games and accessories minus the ps3 system and controller.
  • As of now shes made it to Dna Sequence 6 of 9. each Dna sequence has a variable number of memory's within and she on the third. so.. that's level 6 part three 3 suppose. with three lvls to go. but loads of extra stuff to do in the game. so it will still take a while. (check past posts for the games description and trailers.)
  • ... We've been inspecting boxes
  • finding old toys..
  • turning thing into toys
  • running from the evil black trash bag monsters.
  • getting lots of snuggle time and pettings.
To do list
  • Haul all the boxes to her house and unpack or stow for later.
  • Finish packing and moving.
  • Vacuum and shampoo the carpet.
Shes got a week of time left and in addition to full time hunting for green papers.. her game is a bad distraction. and she will have only two days off.

So... think she will finish on time? at the least they just want her bedroom cleaned out. and clean.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day three.

our mom says time really flies when shes off.. it might help if she didnt sleep half the day away.  Shes playing her game again but shes been good and kept us fed, warm and cuddled. shes also takeing breaks so she dosent burn out, and shes still cleaning. but not as diligently as before.
She's also mad becouse it was supost to rain all day tuesday but it was nice and sunny, she could have gotten her tv. so shes decited to do more reaserch and buy one sunday morning. that gives her time to set it up, and we will help her build the tv stand.

so far.. we have found three balls and two mice. only to loose then again.. oh well we'll find them again. Sadly our mom says that once she has them "all" gathered up shes gunna sort and purge the worn out ones. as long as its not our favorites we're okay with that becouse that means she'll take the majority of the good ones and marinate or spray them with catnip.

uh-oh shes wanting the computer. they didnt have a game guide at the store so shes useing the interwebs instead.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day two of stay-cation

Well, yesturday mom got 1/3rd to a half of the room cleaned and packed.  seee Sylvester 1 was helping.

but i refused to look at the camra. anyways She tossed a bunch of trash and stuff she didnt want/need/or to sell. the garbage men were really happy and she scrubbed out of litterbox dispite it being cold. 

she didnt get her major purchase a tv and stand becouse its been raining since sunday.  She did get her game and is uplading/installing.. what ever it is that the ps3 does with big games. so well leave her be for now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stay-cation day one of five.

Its finally here. first day of moms busy planned stay-cation. Well update through the day and night as she entertains us with her funny human tasks. while at her parents.

so far shes woken up early and scared us with garbage bags but not on purpose. we just don't like them. shes been throwing stuff out, and bagging clothes. hopefully they wont get confused. and shes throwing small odds and ends into boxes as shes comes across them.

her plan today is to finish completely gutting the room of stuff minus furniture.
vacuum/ shampoo the carpet.
make her two major purchases today or later tonight. and assemble them

then as her reward shes gunna spend Tuesday night/day playing her new game.
but first a trailer from Assassins creed II since that was the prior game where brotherhood pics up.
not advisable for beans under 18

not advisable for beans under 18.
this is her fav trailer featuring in game cinematic.. and she likes the song.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

just chilling

weve been chilling all day. its been cool but not to cold during the day so we are enjoying it while we can. moms been busy sorting/packing stuff from her parents so we have the house all to ourselves.

she was kind enough to put fresh nip on the scratcher. and freash food.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hmm, its warmed up

Our last weather realted post a few days ago said how cold it was. well.. its warmed up a littlebit. weve all been haveing fun watching the leaves fall off the trees, and squirles scurry around.  our mom sometimes brings in leaves off her shoes.. Camille keeps eating them.. the wierdo. Ava hass been sleeping under the covers sometimes, but our mom just cant get the tem right. its cold at night and warm during the day. oh well.

oh and we notced a few kitties we wondering what we won. its a string.. yes but not any string... it moves by itself! our mom is happy we won it becouse she had though about buying one a while back.  when we get it we promis to post pictures.

our human has a short staycation next week. so weve been planning ways to interupt her gametime.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We is Winners!

wow, looks like we have a little bit of good luck, must be that dried 4-leaf clover collection Sylvester Ate as a kitten.

We entered a contest at Pemberley's Blog, Adventures with Pemberley and guess what?? We won!!! YAY!! So Pemberley, our human just got the notice so look for a email from queendarcy@hotmail.com.

we promise we;ll post pictures, mom is sure that it will be played with.... we like strings.

Friday, November 5, 2010

its c-c-c-cold

it was oo cold last night, our mom had been keeping the house cool to save of the electric, we dont mind, but last night the temp droped really low so it felt colder then normal in the house. she felt bad, about trying to freeze us, so she brought us all back to her parents house. its cold here tooo WAAIIIIIII!!!!!

shes got more packing to do, and she's dragging out the evil dry sucky.. and wet sucky monsters out.  so at least shes spared us of those monstrocitys. shes also been busy looking for a nice tv, and tv stand, and a sofa by itself or a whole living room set. We cant wait to get our furs all over it... shes going for a dark color for that reason. her plan is to do this... Along with haveing almost all ov her stuff out.. in one week. she got some time off reserved for a video game thats comeing out on the 16th. its Assassins creed brotherhood.. so if any of your beans plan to play that on the ps3 shes looking for friends.

and shes also looseing her mind. She's trying to learn Japanese both the spoken language and writing/reading part. shes silly... she had issues with English in highschool AND college.... but did pretty good in HS with spanish (though now she cant speak it.)

weve told her she can make her own blog for that. we need a warm body to snuggle right now.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

thundering elephants

what better way to rudely wake our mom, by playing thundering herds of elephants alllll night long... or well in her case all day long. Then we followed up by playing with every bell, rattly and squeaky toy we could get in the bedroom. then we emptied our litter box into the baffroom floor, so our barefoot and sleppy human almost slipped and fell. (don't worry we left our special prezzies in the box, we justt knocked out the cleanish litter.)

but don't worry we all passed out on the bed in time for our mom to get enough sleep before work that she was not zombiefied... she gets that way sometimes.. or she just gets grumpy.

laters!! we need to plan out how to keep her up tomorrow.