Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Okay we were wondering.. where do you keep your toys? are they in baskets, or on the floor, or in a box... or up where you cant get them without your human. how does your human store the ones you dont play with.? are they neatly sorted or all thrown into a box or two.

ours are scattered all over the place. about two years ago we had a basket full... but everynight the basket was emptied and toys left everywhere. so the toys slowly disapeared, and only a few stay on the floor at any given time. sometimes they end up back in the basket.. but we take care of that.. silly toys they dont belong in a basket.

Our mom is wondering as well. shes wanting to find a good storage system for our stuff. the food is taken care of, shes dedicated a lower cabnet for our foods. but wants to keep toys elswhere. shes frustrated about the toys being homeless.

Ava and camille found a blanket. Our mom found one under the bed, so she pulled it out and left it in a pile. next thing we know... First Camille sleeps on it all night long. and Ava sleeps on it when shes not in her chair. our mom doent know what to think.. its a microplush throw she got at half price. like 2 or 3 dollars. so guess you can say thats the cheapest nice kitty blanket we have had in a while.. sure beats the dollar tree baby blankets.

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  1. Hi guys! It's nice to meet you! We have toys everywhere. Some are scattered about...some are in a big basket...some are in our cubes...and some are under the china cabinet where we whapped them!! Guess we have a lot of toys, huh?? Our mom tries to keep our toys in order, but she's given up for the most part. Hope your mom has better luck.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey