Saturday, November 27, 2010

blah sat.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on our blogs, we'll be visiting Sunday morning or Monday morning. we like to read past posts too. Turkey was all gone, we are sad, but then again everyone should be stuffed and tired of leftovers. um our mom got lots of canned goods. and will get more tomorrow. (shes stocking the pantry to last as long as she can.)

Like we said she survived the black Friday event. but had a rough day at work cleaning up the mess in addition to her usual tasks. shes also trying to change jobs still to get away from a mean mean old lady who was in a mean mean mood today.

on a solom note if you would just send out a purr to a dog she saw on the side of the road. On her way home yesterday morning she saw what she thought was a exotic animal sitting buy the road. but from signs on the road, her first believe was true. At first she thought it was two dogs because she only caught a glimpse. sadly it was (dispite hopes it wasn't). one had been hit by a car, and pretty violently. someone had moved its body to the side of the road where the second dog was sitting up against it. they were so close mom thought it was one animal and that it was still alive. on her way home only the dead one remained. Shes really hoping and praying the other one is okay.  they were the same breed and coloring, maybe Pyrenees. there are several houses nearby so who knows if they just got loose. or worse case they were dumped at the shelter a few miles away.  our mom didn't stop because of the houses nearby and she has a bone deep fear of large dogs, but doesn't hate them which is why she got upset. so again just send a prayer that the one is okay over the rainbow bridge and that the other will finds its home or a good home, and if not it finds its buddy.


  1. thank you means a lot even thought ost of us kitties dont like them