Friday, November 19, 2010

Stay-cation is over!

our mom goes back to work tonight. Shes been busy but didn't get all the way done. so shes got a few days until her "e-vic-tion"  its not a real eviction..  her parents want her completely moved (minus furniture) before turkey day so they can use the room for guests. 

so here's a summary....

  • 2/3rds of her bedroom plus 1/3 of what was left in the storage room.
  • All the trash/unfixable items are gone or bagged for trash day.
  • Everything that has been boxed is ready to be moved if not already.
  • Shes boxed up all her video games and accessories minus the ps3 system and controller.
  • As of now shes made it to Dna Sequence 6 of 9. each Dna sequence has a variable number of memory's within and she on the third. so.. that's level 6 part three 3 suppose. with three lvls to go. but loads of extra stuff to do in the game. so it will still take a while. (check past posts for the games description and trailers.)
  • ... We've been inspecting boxes
  • finding old toys..
  • turning thing into toys
  • running from the evil black trash bag monsters.
  • getting lots of snuggle time and pettings.
To do list
  • Haul all the boxes to her house and unpack or stow for later.
  • Finish packing and moving.
  • Vacuum and shampoo the carpet.
Shes got a week of time left and in addition to full time hunting for green papers.. her game is a bad distraction. and she will have only two days off.

So... think she will finish on time? at the least they just want her bedroom cleaned out. and clean.


  1. Ow WOW! What is your new place like? Is there familiar furniture? Are toys in the right places?

  2. Well its not really a new new place.. its just we are half moved in and shes takeing her sweet time getting the rest. there is some familar furnature. and our toys... well they are stored on the floor.... wherever they last stoped after a frenzied play sesion. she moves us around depending on where she stays. we dont mind. being clear on where we are is difficult. but its her house and her parents house.