Friday, November 5, 2010

its c-c-c-cold

it was oo cold last night, our mom had been keeping the house cool to save of the electric, we dont mind, but last night the temp droped really low so it felt colder then normal in the house. she felt bad, about trying to freeze us, so she brought us all back to her parents house. its cold here tooo WAAIIIIIII!!!!!

shes got more packing to do, and she's dragging out the evil dry sucky.. and wet sucky monsters out.  so at least shes spared us of those monstrocitys. shes also been busy looking for a nice tv, and tv stand, and a sofa by itself or a whole living room set. We cant wait to get our furs all over it... shes going for a dark color for that reason. her plan is to do this... Along with haveing almost all ov her stuff out.. in one week. she got some time off reserved for a video game thats comeing out on the 16th. its Assassins creed brotherhood.. so if any of your beans plan to play that on the ps3 shes looking for friends.

and shes also looseing her mind. She's trying to learn Japanese both the spoken language and writing/reading part. shes silly... she had issues with English in highschool AND college.... but did pretty good in HS with spanish (though now she cant speak it.)

weve told her she can make her own blog for that. we need a warm body to snuggle right now.

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  1. Hello! you have won the Fling-ama-string...check my blog :)