Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day three.

our mom says time really flies when shes off.. it might help if she didnt sleep half the day away.  Shes playing her game again but shes been good and kept us fed, warm and cuddled. shes also takeing breaks so she dosent burn out, and shes still cleaning. but not as diligently as before.
She's also mad becouse it was supost to rain all day tuesday but it was nice and sunny, she could have gotten her tv. so shes decited to do more reaserch and buy one sunday morning. that gives her time to set it up, and we will help her build the tv stand.

so far.. we have found three balls and two mice. only to loose then again.. oh well we'll find them again. Sadly our mom says that once she has them "all" gathered up shes gunna sort and purge the worn out ones. as long as its not our favorites we're okay with that becouse that means she'll take the majority of the good ones and marinate or spray them with catnip.

uh-oh shes wanting the computer. they didnt have a game guide at the store so shes useing the interwebs instead.

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