Sunday, November 28, 2010

fish.... or tree

Our mom is silly, she was dumbfounded at work. the employee(somewhat new guy) in the pet department found a empty beta bowl/cup. it had its lid secure and a little water but the fish was no where to be found.  our mom freaked out and they checked all the other beta cups to make sure none of them were playing fight club. but they were all single fish in their single bowls. they even checked to see if it was poured out on the shelf, or in a empty glass bowl. nope they never did find it. its a mystery.. but it prolly had a nice ride out of the store in someones pocket.

our mom was wondering and she has asked us, so we are asking you. she keeps walking by the fish for sale at her workplace. and she grew up with fish on and off, at one point her mom had a big tank of fish and they kept multiplying.. magic she was told. but then she was like 5.  We know a few of you kitties get to watch fish but you also get to watch birds and squirrels.

She plans to eventually get both.. but shes given us a option on our Christmas gift. a fish tank, like a 20-30 gal complete with fish. or a cat tree with three perches and two box houses on it.

for the cat tree she plans to put it beside a window, or in view of the window she plans to put in place of the old wall ac unit. either window we would get to see fevvers and nut cases.

She can guarantee birds and squirrels the rest of the year.. but not live fish. and no we wont get to eat either waaiiii!

We got our flimg-a-ma-string last tue or wed. and we love it!! moms been trying to get pics but shes been really busy. we hope to post some late ones before long. but we'll keep playing with it till then.. good thing she likes rechagable batterys... we;ll be needing them.
oh and well be surfing eveyones blogs to night who have commented on past posts, look for our comments on your blogs.


  1. As much as I like our fishy tank, I would suggest going for the fancy kitty-tree. Fishies are hit-or-miss. LC liked watching fishies but Skeeter never did; I do and Iza doesn't. But everykitty like a place ta climb and nap.

    And a more devious thought. Yer Mom sounds innerested in fishies for herself, so I think ya will get ta watch them soon annyway. So go fer the kitty tree...


  2. heheh you are devious!! we like your thinking