Sunday, May 16, 2010

just chillin

Hopeing everyone is haveing a good weekend, we're snuggling up with our human and helping her sort through stuffs deciding what she needs and what she doesent.... we are makeing sure none of our toys get tossed out.

what ever you and your human are doing, our human offers the kittys and pooches a head rub, and we offer leg rubs and treat begs to your humans.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cat tree ideas? anyone got um?

okays the mom here, anyone got some ideas to help me out, i wanna make a  tall cat tree for the kitties but i cant exactly afford a fancy 200-300 buck one.   I do however have some tree bits... about a inch to two inches thick and can be cut to atleast a foot and a half in length, i got some thick thick logs like firewood size. and some old carpet scraps that have been in storage.  so anyone got an idea on how i can turn that into a cool cat tree? i can afford the plywood for sure, might have some left over after house repairs are done. any input would be great, you can email me at queendarcy AT