Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goodbye little Rocky

Sadly he didnt make it, he was given emergency care yesturday morning and perked up some. but he when to the rainbow bridge sometime after noon. my mom put him on the bed with her to comfort him, the last thing he did was raise his head up to have it rubbed and took a nap he never woke from, about an hour or less later he was gone. he gave us a good 14 years of joy so he will be forever missed. thank you to anyone who prayed for him.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Please pray for Rocky

the mom here, and while i know we only have two readers it seems to this blog, please say a pray for my moms dog named Rocky. i haven't mentioned him much since I'm not his human in the least bit.

however hes gotten into bad shape. First off hes a tiny toy poodle boy, black fur with ageing grey. hes 14 years old and was otherwise healthy. he was neutered yesterday to help ease a health problem male dogs sometime get in old age. (yeah i know that's late but my mom kept high hopes for puppies that never came.)    and he had his teeth cleaned in the process (third time in his life). Sadly when they cleaned his teeth they pulled several without notifying my parents (they are furious).

while his front end and back end hurt, hes also got a persistent cough (from having a tube shoved carelessly down his throat.) he didn't have before this, and hes always had a bad back from a bad disk (more damage could cause paralasis). so basically his front end, back end, and back are hurting him to the point that he wont move, he wont eat or drink.  even when hand fed, and force fed it just kinda falls out his mouth. my mom had to take him back to the vet to get shot forms of his antibiotics and pain meds.

if you would say a quick prayer and keep him in your minds, hes a very sweet dog that wants nothing more then to be on my mom, or under her feet. and hes very vocal and active when he feels good. we are all feeling distraught and upset over what should have been two minor procedures. that are now threatening his life.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

update on the doggie

sadlt... her parents decited to keep the doggie....... oh well good think our human really isent a doggie person. the little thing is a girl chiwawa, about 4 pounds. shes been vet checked and profesionally groomed, and aparently a perm resident. our humans paretns started worrys about what kinda home she;d end up in soo they are keeping her, the vet figures she is about 3 to 8 years.. an closer to the 8. but shes well behaved and for the most part housebroken. the vet also said it was possibly a racoon after her and that it could have easily killed her. so we are glad he crys were heard. sadly.. our human is also contibuting to helping the little doggy cope, and the little doggie oddly isent afraid of us at all. we'll be okay till our human drives the dog around in the car after putting dresses on it... when it comes to that can we hang out with someone for a few days?? we dont think we can deal with that kinda embarisment.

Monday, June 14, 2010

ewww doggie..

Okay we kinda knew this was coming.. we smelled doggie on our human, and not the resident doggies either. when we asked she said its a  stray that took up residence in there yard. its a little brown doggie smaller then us but full grown with longish fur.. looks like a chiwawa, Pomeranian mix. its been living in the yard for about a month now and for two weeks when they found it hanging around they left food and water out for it.

well "she" started getting used to see our human come and go along with her dad. and was getting calmer around them. attempts to catch the poor thing failed. attempts to get her to come in the house house.. or even come close enough to be touched failed... until about three hours ago. 

Apparently a sound at the door woke her parents up, it was the little dog whimpering and whining and scratching at the door. when the door was opened to see what was going on.. in ran the little dog.  When our human got up at about 1am tonight, the little dog was all snuggled on her mom. and has apparently been following then around the house like well.. a lost little doggie. and she thinks it might even ben in bed with them even though they were trying to avoid it.

so.. they are gunna call the no kill shelter in the morning to see if they can take it. and our human is trying again to find lost ads. sadly when they first discovered the doggie they made some calls and some online searching and sadly no one is looking for the little lap dog. we find that sad. its such a sweet thing how could anyone just throw her away.. though someone tried to throw away camille and ava before they found their forever home.

Friday, June 11, 2010

wierd kitty and new layout

we let our human play with the new layout tool, its um.. green like the yard we never see.... waaahhh!!!

anyways..... we.. that is sylvester and camille have decited ava,,, is wierd.. its like 90 to 100 degrees outside.. and close to 80 where our human sleeps.. yet... while we are contnet to sleep infrount of the fan.. ava crawls under the covers with the human.. now i could understand this if it were cold... but its hot.. how does she keep from sufficating.. her head and everything is covered up.. she is reallly strange. and sadly.. mom still really likes her noisy shampooer thingy.... we need to find a way to get rid of it.. so far attempts to kill it have failed...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

its worse then the vacuum!

Our human has founded something worse then the vacuum cleaner... its called a carpet shampooer.... not only is it noisy but its wet too!!. she trying to tell us its so the carpets will be nice and nicotine free for our wrestling matches and naps.. but we know its just another way for her to terrorize us.  though hmm she got the pet one.... so much for leaving yak stains.  she seems to like it a little too much.. its getting stains outa the carpet from the previous owners not to mention the ciggi smells in the whole house.