Friday, June 25, 2010

Please pray for Rocky

the mom here, and while i know we only have two readers it seems to this blog, please say a pray for my moms dog named Rocky. i haven't mentioned him much since I'm not his human in the least bit.

however hes gotten into bad shape. First off hes a tiny toy poodle boy, black fur with ageing grey. hes 14 years old and was otherwise healthy. he was neutered yesterday to help ease a health problem male dogs sometime get in old age. (yeah i know that's late but my mom kept high hopes for puppies that never came.)    and he had his teeth cleaned in the process (third time in his life). Sadly when they cleaned his teeth they pulled several without notifying my parents (they are furious).

while his front end and back end hurt, hes also got a persistent cough (from having a tube shoved carelessly down his throat.) he didn't have before this, and hes always had a bad back from a bad disk (more damage could cause paralasis). so basically his front end, back end, and back are hurting him to the point that he wont move, he wont eat or drink.  even when hand fed, and force fed it just kinda falls out his mouth. my mom had to take him back to the vet to get shot forms of his antibiotics and pain meds.

if you would say a quick prayer and keep him in your minds, hes a very sweet dog that wants nothing more then to be on my mom, or under her feet. and hes very vocal and active when he feels good. we are all feeling distraught and upset over what should have been two minor procedures. that are now threatening his life.

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