Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goodbye little Rocky

Sadly he didnt make it, he was given emergency care yesturday morning and perked up some. but he when to the rainbow bridge sometime after noon. my mom put him on the bed with her to comfort him, the last thing he did was raise his head up to have it rubbed and took a nap he never woke from, about an hour or less later he was gone. he gave us a good 14 years of joy so he will be forever missed. thank you to anyone who prayed for him.


  1. Our best purrs to ya all about Rocky... We aren't best wif doggies, but we know they matter lots ta some Beins. So we feel all sad Rocky hadda go over the Bridge.

    It is good he had ya to be wif at the end.... That matters an we know ya will be glad about that in the years ta come.