Monday, April 26, 2010


okay i did a terrible thing, I sylvester am not a lap cat at all, but i was hyper and helped mom spill soda all over her fav pink mushroom chair. well it worked out for me. i never cared for that chair, so she brought out this cheap spining desk/computer chair to use temp. well..... its MY chair now!!!! i love playing on it it lets me swat at the girl kitties... wait what you mean you want it back? noooo you cant play your ps3!. *takes over the bed instead and mopes*

mom here, yeah im with the little brats... darlings um ahem. i had to vacate the house for a couple of days to run a ozonater... thingy, it may have done the trick with the cig smells i sure hope so.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

everything is done

yay, we gots the house, and preperations to paint and such are being made, since our mom will only let us post under her supervision, we have decited to take a break from posting. we plan to come back after WE move in and eveything is settled. Shes gunna stay there without us so we will be lonely, we will try and visit everybody. but we wont post till later. and we promiss PICTURES! and proper introductuions.

so till then thanks for reading and we will be back soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

allmost there

tomorrow morning is the big day, all the preperations have been made, the final inspection went well, or pretty well they did find some more problems that were hidden existing.

our mom is really tired, so we are gunna let her sleep in peace, shes also decited that we will get to move in around the first of may. shes gunna be there first, but wants stuff in order before we come in, sadly she says she will provide us boxes, but would prefer not to have help unpacking the majority of stuff. oh well.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy easter!

we have to wait till the plastic easter eggs go on clearnce and maybe the baskits too.. og great.. that means candy overload for the human...... errrrrr anyways hers a pic from

please be carefully surfing them and their sister sites, the adds sometimes have a virus like malware pretending to be a antivirus program.