Monday, August 30, 2010

doggie update and silly human report

doggie is doing better, but we think she gave it to her littermate/sister.  diet and meds seem to be imrpoveing symptoms. so keep sending those purrs, we've noticed some sicky kities in our blog wanderings so we are sending purs out to them as well.

Last night our mom who having a day off was supost to sleep in, (shes a night owl like us) was woken up and left for about two hours, then came back and went back to bed. When she woke up in the wee morning hours. she told us she had to help her dad with a little emergency. He had been trying to drain the old water heater so it could be moved.... instead of water going out the spout in the bottom, it was leaking out where ever it was leaking and filling up the drain pan even faster. So they worked slowly to move a 50 gal water heater with about 40 gal still in it out to the side deck. (oh and shes been camping out at her parents place with us again, rather then staying in our/her own house)   that was a slow and tireing process. once they got it out, she mopped up the water trail and came back home.

Well aparently our curiosity is rubbing off on her, when she went to paint where the water heater was against the wall.. she um took a coat hanger and stuck it in the hole where the drain spout was.. untill it was broken off by acident during the move. and well her shoes got a little wet becouse the water spewed right out,  with big chunks of lime. so all those weeds struggling to grow under the deck got watered.  She got grossed out to, at first the water was clear and clean. then as it got to the bottom, chunks of lime poured out and the water turned a rusty color.. then the water kinda turned to a rusty soup with lime bits. we is still trying to figure out how a buncha limes got in there, maybe a failed atempt to make some limeaid?

she's expecting both a new water heater and her bed before the week is out. and she said she ordered a few things for us to keep us happy when we move back in. so we cant wait for the prezzies

Thursday, August 26, 2010

doggie update

seems she had a bactrial infection, and is on a strict diet and like 4 or 5 meds. so lets hope that kicked it. still dont know the cause, vet segested we check for dead animals. we didnt find any so keeping an eye out for anything she could be getting into inside and out.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

doggie prayers again, and joys in home ownership

First off just take a moment to send purrs or barks to our humans moms doggie Pepper. shes been acting sick for a few days, but shes not getting better on her own so shes got a trip to the vet. we are really hoping its just some foods changes that got her system messed up, (shes back on the original foods now) and not something more serious or something she should not have ate. Well give an update later.

our mom has been throwing fits.
  1.  Aparenlty our phone went down and had to be fixed, and that costs money.
  2.  The water heater that had a small leak of unidentifiable origin.. suddenly became a bigger leak. (thank goodness for the tray its sitting on) and has to be replaced.
  3. The big, we can all share, king size bed.. still hasn't arrived after two weeks.
and whats worse.... shes all cranky because she hasn't slept much in two days and on top of that shes stressed from the extra bills piling up and worried about the doggie
..... can we hang out with someone else for a few days..... ???

Saturday, August 21, 2010

oh the wonderfull smells

our mom, was busy this morning. she locked us in a room, and we kept hearing a loud truck, and a strange car, and her and two men.  they kept coming and leaving..... when we were let loose.... we had all this human junk to play on.. some of it smells funky...  there is dust and spiderwebs, and mice smells. our mom smelled like the stuff plus stinky human but well she insanely stood under water till those were gone. she told us we better enjoy the playground tonight because its disappearing tomorrow into the we're not allowed room..

looks like the cool smelling stuff is over, they finished cleaning out the storage unit, they being her dad and her uncle (the one tshe adopted Sylvester from) her aunt was over to, they helped our humans mom clean out the freezer. and our mom got some too. something about a diet.

anyways we apologise for not posting on blogs for a while; we still read. but our human has been busy at work, and then house renovating work. and by the time its over, she online for a little while and then passed out and it startes all over again after 8-10 hours.

we promis we'll try and whip her into shape but dont get upset if we dont sign. we do still visit.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ava loves tape.

aparently Ava got a little...... hyped up... she ripped the tape almost clean off a box.. and then whaked it around as it dangeld... she went nuts..... doesnt she know we have plenty of toys to whack? speaking of toys.... our mom b\got a new human toy.. a laptop. we are just waiting for her to forget to feed us....