Saturday, August 21, 2010

oh the wonderfull smells

our mom, was busy this morning. she locked us in a room, and we kept hearing a loud truck, and a strange car, and her and two men.  they kept coming and leaving..... when we were let loose.... we had all this human junk to play on.. some of it smells funky...  there is dust and spiderwebs, and mice smells. our mom smelled like the stuff plus stinky human but well she insanely stood under water till those were gone. she told us we better enjoy the playground tonight because its disappearing tomorrow into the we're not allowed room..

looks like the cool smelling stuff is over, they finished cleaning out the storage unit, they being her dad and her uncle (the one tshe adopted Sylvester from) her aunt was over to, they helped our humans mom clean out the freezer. and our mom got some too. something about a diet.

anyways we apologise for not posting on blogs for a while; we still read. but our human has been busy at work, and then house renovating work. and by the time its over, she online for a little while and then passed out and it startes all over again after 8-10 hours.

we promis we'll try and whip her into shape but dont get upset if we dont sign. we do still visit.


  1. Well, enjoy the cool stuff ta play on while ya can...

  2. I know JUST what you mean. My Human servant has been SO neglectful of my blog and my friends. Sigh. Oh, for thumbs of my own! Have fun on the cool stuff while you can!

  3. Memo to Camille... when showing off your hunting skills please do not put the mangled cellar spider on our moms bed... did you really not expect her to jump out of bed screaming?