Wednesday, August 25, 2010

doggie prayers again, and joys in home ownership

First off just take a moment to send purrs or barks to our humans moms doggie Pepper. shes been acting sick for a few days, but shes not getting better on her own so shes got a trip to the vet. we are really hoping its just some foods changes that got her system messed up, (shes back on the original foods now) and not something more serious or something she should not have ate. Well give an update later.

our mom has been throwing fits.
  1.  Aparenlty our phone went down and had to be fixed, and that costs money.
  2.  The water heater that had a small leak of unidentifiable origin.. suddenly became a bigger leak. (thank goodness for the tray its sitting on) and has to be replaced.
  3. The big, we can all share, king size bed.. still hasn't arrived after two weeks.
and whats worse.... shes all cranky because she hasn't slept much in two days and on top of that shes stressed from the extra bills piling up and worried about the doggie
..... can we hang out with someone else for a few days..... ???

1 comment:

  1. We are sending purrs for Pepper.
    We hope the big bed arrives very soon so your mum can get some good naps, and then she won't be so cranky.